May 18, 2022


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GHOST BATH - Self-Hacker

GHOST BATH – Self-Hacker

Many legends about the GHOST BATH arose early in his career around a tower that ultimately had nothing but scorn to get to them. If you think back to the ridiculous attempt, in which you supposedly pretended to be a band from China in order to appear privately mysterious and to get away with weird bonuses, or assorted live performances, you’ll also find that this was it or not. Refusal rained down on them unexpectedly all of a sudden, but definitely based on their own responsibility. However, as is often the case, this became an unavoidable dynamic that the GHOST BATH then found difficult to control. Whether this also means a four-year break between “Star” And “luther soulNew album, about to maneuver out of the line of fire?

The fact that, for private reasons, I did not have time to finish this review for a long time, at least enabled me to look at the other reviews beforehand. ”luther soul“Read on and get the impression exactly the previous works: hardly any other band captures the contrast between approval and hate like GHOST BATH. However, my problems begin with a lot of isolation when fanciful arguments along the lines of the noise to get a vote. Well, one can definitely find out the etymology and meaning of the word the noise He argues, but nowadays it is used precisely when one wants to discredit something that, according to personal feelings, has been falsely successful without much dialectical effort. the noise In the real sense, it may mean only (press) hype, hiccup, or hoopla, but since this applies to the earlier discography of Americans to a limited extent, precisely because opinions have always diverged and negative voices tend to prevail, getting an old impression does not happen, as If only there were still enough people who blatantly used excuses to keep turning down a band they never liked anyway — for whatever reason. To put it in a nutshell: most of the attention that GHOST BATH has received in its nine-year history has not been created (or given) by the media or fans, but by outright opponents who haven’t been able to get enough of it. Across a squad, save for a few skirmishes in its early days, it did absolutely nothing.

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And this is the irony of the story: GHOST BATH, even if they have unmistakable identifying features, are in fact not that exceptional, are not aggressively promoted and give relatively few interviews. Instead, they also withdraw.”luther soul“Do something to her. Sometimes it’s still overly pathetic as in”hiding from the sun“or”Unbearable“And of course with these wonderful melodies, about which opinions differ, yes, but often so agonizing and so well composed as, for example, in”optimist mask” And “Because it is a veilIn addition, everything is taken in doses a little more than.Star“Fortunately, it’s not too long with the sexy post-punk effects that also guarantee contrast. I have to admit that I”Star“However, it’s much better now than when I let myself be so affected by the toxic atmosphere around the band, and feel or respect them for what they are – and”luther soul“It builds on it straightforward, only more assertively than before.luther soul“But still – and independently anyway.