September 21, 2023


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Get more outdoors excited with The Freestyle by Samsung – Samsung UK Newsroom

Get more outdoors excited with The Freestyle by Samsung – Samsung UK Newsroom

Players know the “problem”: the sun is shining and it’s time to get out of the living room and playroom and head into nature. But hey, what about the League of Legends sessions and those beloved rounds between us? Don’t you forget the great Mario Kart family competitions or the new tracks from Gran Turismo 7, which you still want to explore? The solution is called The Freestyle from Samsung, and it is a compact LED projector that also provides gamers with all kinds of features for outdoor use. For use on the go, it is compatible with external power banks via a USB-C connection and offers plenty of connectivity for outdoor adventures using Bluetooth, WLAN/AirPlay2 functionality, and HDMI.

Here are the top 5 outdoor gaming sites:

1. Camping, RV and Vanlife

Can games and holidays be combined on the bus or motorhome? Of course yes. No one should miss a League of Legends match on a camping vacation. Just in time for the new season, The Freestyle is the perfect piece of gear for your camping vacation. With its USB-C connection, it can also be used with the internal network or simply supplied with power via a power bank. The cart or canopy serves as a screen. Using intelligent calibration, Freestyle adjusts the image to color projection surfaces. The automatic leveling function ensures a clear image even on uneven surfaces.

2. With the electric car in nature

Many new electric cars are ideal as rolling power packs, as they have a two-way charging function for power delivery and also have massive power reserves – every gamer’s dream. If a WLAN hotspot is also integrated into the vehicle, the trip into the countryside turns into a first-class MMOG event. This is where Freestyle comes into play: with the WLAN/AirPlay2 function, it connects wirelessly to the smartphone or via HDMI to the game console. 500 LED lumens and 1080p HD resolution show every detail. Now only a few freshly charged camping chairs and gaming consoles are missing for the online gaming party under the starry sky. A bed sheet over an extended clothesline serves as a drop surface – finished!

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Third Festival

Finally Outdoor Festivals Again: Music and Games, Is It Possible? Of course, with The Freestyle, the next gig becomes Guitar Hero or SingStar talent competition. Thanks to the built-in two-way amplifier with 360-degree all-round sound, The Freestyle is really well-equipped. If you prefer it louder, just connect your Bluetooth box to The Freestyle and be sure of real steam on your tent stage.

4. Garden customization

All age groups have around 900,000 designated parks in Germany. Including game lovers. They don’t have to do without their cherished habits, because The Freestyle brings out every detail of the Gran Turismo track to their best advantage and invites you to gamble. With a screen diagonal of up to 100 inches or 2.70 meters, every wall becomes a stadium or racetrack.

5. Mechanics’ garage

The private garage, also known as Men’s Cave, is ideal for an evening of games with friends and acquaintances. It can provide welcome cooling in the summer heat while at the same time serving as an ideal activity area for The Freestyle. With the automatic gimbal and automatic focus function, the LED projector is set up quickly and can be stored at the same speed after the match to make room for young and old.

1 Samsung is not responsible for third party batteries.
2 All games mentioned in this press release can be played in connection with a compatible game console (third-party manufacturer) and Samsung The Freestyle.
3 Federal Association of Friends of German Gardens eV