March 29, 2023


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Germany has never seen such a heating system before

On the Future Energy Hill: Markus Freysenbichler with Mayor Philip Hahn and Michael Werner, who are responsible for the city’s construction and technology (from left). In the immediate background the reservoir, Hohenzollern Castle on the horizon. Photo: Horst Haas

At the foot of Hohenzollern Castle, a residential area is being built that will be innovatively heated and climate-friendly in the future. With this technology, Hechingen considers itself a nationwide leader in energy transition.

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Markus Friesenbichler is really proud of what used to be a dirt landscape until now. Especially after rainy days, lumps of earth cling to your shoes when you walk with the director of Hechinger Stadtwerke to the place where the municipality at the foot of Hohenzollern Castle wants to excel in energy transmission. What they are planning here, Friesenbichler says, is unique in Germany. Accordingly, he constantly receives inquiries from colleagues about how everything works. Excursions are already being planned, because people want and should understand which wheel is turning here.

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