May 17, 2022


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GearBest está off e ninguém sabe porquê! Será que faliu?

Gearfest is disabled, no one knows why! Is it bankrupt?

For weeks, the website of Chinese technology store Gearbest showed no signs of life. Upon entering the site, customers receive an error from the server and can do nothing.

Customer frustration is increasing every day and there are those who say the store simply “failed”! What’s on the Gearfest website?

No information available to customers from Gearbest

Is Aliexpress rival popular Chinese online store GearBest dead? Apparently, it is not clear what happened. The truth is, the site has been "down" for a few days and there has been no explanation from the company.

Gearfest is disabled, no one knows why!  Is it bankrupt?

Gearbest is one of the most popular online trading sites worldwide. This site is in the top 500 most visited websites worldwide.

It is true that there were some issues on stage Severe failure was diagnosed in March 2019This led to the public disclosure of millions of user profiles and purchase orders. In December 2017, a similar problem occurred, with multiple customer information leaked to the online site.

Aside from the website, social networks have not been updated for some time. It should be noted that Global Top e-Commerce Co Ltd, the owner of Gearbest, is experiencing financial difficulties.

For now all the results are just speculations, but the truth is, the site is completely down and there is no information for customers.

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