June 4, 2023


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[GDC 2023]”Cyberpunk 2077″, a tech preview compatible with NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics technology “Path Tracing” released on April 11

[GDC 2023]”Cyberpunk 2077″, a tech preview compatible with NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics technology “Path Tracing” released on April 11

NVIDIA and CD PROJEKT RED gave a talk at the Game Developers Conference 2023 held in San Francisco on March 22, 2023 in North America.track racing“Cyberpunk 2077” correspondingTechnology previewtoApril 11thannounced that it will be published in

「’Cyberpunk 2077′ RT: Overdrive – Bringing Track Tracking to the Night City」In the session titled, path tracing was explained, which NVIDIA is positioning as the next generation of ray tracing technology. According to the announcement, trajectory tracing, an extension of ray tracing, can accurately simulate the entire scene, and the neon-shiny night city is painted with graphics that are indistinguishable from reality.

Almost all CG for movies that don’t require real-time performance is drawn with path tracing, but NVIDIA said “around 2035” to apply to game graphics (Related articles). According to the announcement, the introduction of GeForce RTX GPU with RT core and NVIDIA DLSS acceleration using artificial intelligence made it possible to apply trajectory tracking to real-time graphics.

In order to experience the tech preview, it should naturally require hardware with reasonable specs, but so far no details have been announced. For those who want to experience the latest technology as quickly as possible,The official NVIDIA blogSee versions below.

“Cyberpunk 2077”
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Game developer CD PROJEKT RED announced today at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco that it will release a tech preview of Cyberpunk 2077 with track tracking on April 11th.

Path tracking, also known as full ray tracing, accurately simulates lighting throughout a scene. Visual effects artists use path tracing to make film and television graphics indistinguishable from reality. However, with the essence of RTGeForce RTX GPUand the use of artificial intelligenceNVIDIA DLSSReal-time video game tracing was not possible because it was too GPU-intensive until the advent of acceleration.

“Not only does this give gamers better visuals, but it has the potential to completely revolutionize the way games are created,” said Paul Kozlowski, chief technology development engineer at NVIDIA.

Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode for Cyberpunk 2077 gives us a glimpse into the entire future of ray tracing. With RayTrack, nearly all light sources now cast soft, physically correct shadows. In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, natural colored light bounces back and forth, creating more realistic indirect lighting and close-ups.

An early adopter of ray tracing, Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest blockbuster title to use real-time tracing. Shortly after being tracked in Minecraft, Portal, and Quake II, it signals a growing wave of adoption.

Ray tracingAs well as many more expected to follow. And the impact on video games is just the beginning. Real-time track tracking is expected to be applied to many design industries.

Decades of research published

Real time evolution over decadestrack racingA giant leap in gaming graphics.

It has long been used in computer-generated imagery for movies, where it has been tracked on offline rendering farms, often taking hours to render a single frame.

Games that require fast frame rates should render at around 0.016 seconds.

Since the 1970s, video games have relied on pointillism (see below). More recently, in 2018, NVIDIA introduced RTX GPUs to support ray tracing. Path tracking is the ultimate in achieving the most physically accurate lighting and shadows.

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Path tracking has long been one of the leading lighting algorithms used in offline rendering farms and computer graphics for movies. We weren’t able to bring trajectory tracing into real-time graphics until the GeForce RTX40 series and DLSS 3 series became available.

Cyberpunk 2077 also takes advantage of the Shader implementation rearrangement, available in the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture generation, which improves GPU workloads and allows for more efficient pathfinding lighting.

Faster with DLSS 3

DLSS3Completes milestones in track tracking and leverages the latest GPU-accelerated deep learning AI to powerfully multiply gaming performance. DLSS allows a game to render one-eighth of a pixel and then use AI and GeForce RTX Tensor Cores to rebuild the rest, dramatically increasing frame rates while delivering sharpness that rivals the original resolution. Delivers high-quality visuals.

GeForce RTX 40-series GPUsPowered by developments from Ada Lovelace featured in, DLSS 3 doubles the frame rate while maintaining the game’s picture quality and responsiveness.

A powerful tool has arrived

For game developers, NVIDIAGDCAndRTX + Tracktrack SDK1.0Announce an offer that includes a technology packageDLSS3Shader implementation reordering (SER)Direct lighting RTX (RTXDI)AndNVIDIAR Real-Time Denoisers(NRD)it is included.

Track the full RTX pathLearn more about

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