February 8, 2023


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Gaming tip: The bunnies are back in space in Mario + Rabbids Free Time

The special thing: Like the first part, “Sparks of Hope” is a tactical shooter that requires brains. The combat system has remained largely the same with only small differences: for example, the player moves freely and is no longer on a neatly divided chessboard. However, the biggest change is in the worlds the player visits outside of battles: they are larger and more open than the linear levels in Kingdom Battle. In addition, alien beings populate the planets. There is a lazy sea deity, an excited train driver or a depressed poet.

conclusion: The highlight of the game is the colorful and diverse characters. New worlds also look interesting at first. Unfortunately, they always fall into the old patterns: beach, ice, jungle, meadow – seasoned players should already be familiar with these level ideas, and “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope” lacks a fresh twist to make them interesting.

In addition, the worlds are confusing, especially towards the end, and hardly justify their size: the game has some puzzles to solve and treasures to collect, but there are also some blank spots. Fortunately, the combat system is still at least fun.

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