February 2, 2023


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Gaming headphones for Meta Quest

Low latency for wireless VR gaming

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With the Soundcore VR P10 TWS earphones, Anker has introduced its first gaming headset specifically developed for virtual reality and pairs well with the Meta Quest 2 headset.

Both Soundcore VR P10 This is basically Anker’s first gaming headset. Previous Soundcore models were designed for everyday use, including wireless earbuds Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Or surround headphones like that Soundcore Space Q45. The new true wireless earphones are for virtual reality applications Specifically that Virtual reality glasses Meta Quest Designer.

Anker’s first gaming headset specifically designed for virtual reality applications

For wireless gaming headsets of any kind, latency is especially important so that picture and sound don’t work out of sync. Soundcore VR P10 is here with Latency less than 30 ms Shine, made possible by a fast 2.4GHz wireless connection and LC3 codec. Headphones can simultaneously via bluetooth and wireless dongle Connected, so incoming calls on the smartphone are played seamlessly through the headphones.

Said dongle should be particularly space-saving on Meta Quest 2 glasses side strap communicate. through a fleeting connection A VR headset can also be loaded onto the dongle while gaming. For good sound quality 11mm audio driver Ensure that the earphone’s battery should last up to six hours.

With the charging case, the battery life is A total of 24 hours Promised, with a 10-minute charge it should restore 1.5 hours of playback time. after IPX4 The VR P10 in-ear headphones are also waterproof and can also be used for morning jogging, for example.

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The Anker Soundcore VR P10 Wireless Headphones are now available For €99.99 RRP Available.


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