February 8, 2023


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Gaming bandwidth: so there is no lag

Playing without internet is hardly conceivable these days. Play live against other players and get instant access to the latest features on your PC or console – a strong internet connection is an absolute must. Below you will discover what is important in terms of internet speed to be able to gamble without hindrance.

Recommended bandwidth for games

A high bandwidth internet connection is essential for gaming. Because installations, updates, and downloads consume large amounts of data, which has to get through the line as quickly as possible. A fast connection is also important if you want to stream your games. Video game performance and game resolution also benefit from internet speed. Here, the higher the bandwidth, the smoother the game runs and the better the gaming experience.

For games, the download rate must be at least 50 Mbps. So this is essential sufficient bandwidth Present. However, if programs or installations are still running in the background while you’re gaming or other people want to access your internet connection at the same time, you’re on the safe side with tariffs starting at 100Mb/s.

Download speed while playing

In addition to the download speed, the upload speed is also important to have a good gaming experience when gaming. It has to do with how fast data can be downloaded and sent over your internet line. If the loading speed is too low, the game may have picture and sound problems. This impairs the gaming experience and can cost you precious seconds, which is crucial in case of doubt – for example, if you see your opponents closing in on you late in the game, you may not be able to react quickly enough.

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The upload speed should not be less than 10 Mbps. Again, the more bandwidth, the better. If you want to use several applications at the same time, upload speeds of 40-50Mb/s are recommended. Drivers that offer 100 Mb/s download speed also often offer 40 or 50 Mb/s upload speed.

Internet stability for games

If the bandwidth is right, there are a few things you can do at home to keep your internet connection as stable as possible while gaming:

  • In addition to the device you are using to gamble, as few other devices as possible should be using your internet connection at the same time. Otherwise, the download rate may fluctuate and affect the game. Above all, you must ensure that no movies or videos are simultaneously streamed over your connection.
  • If your computer or console is connected to the Internet via a wireless router, you should place the router as close as possible to the game console. In addition, the router must be free so that the WLAN signal is not blocked by other objects.
  • If the WiFi connection remains unstable, you can use an Ethernet cable that connects directly to the router. As a rule, a direct connection via a cable is more stable than a wireless connection.
  • If you can choose a game server to play on, you should use one that is as close as possible to your computer or console. It is therefore recommended for players in Germany to use European servers.

Latency when playing

When in doubt, every millisecond counts, especially in online games. In addition to Internet bandwidth in this regard, the response time Crucial – the so-called ping. Ping refers to how long it takes for a signal from your home internet connection to a specific server and back again. The shorter this period of time, the faster data can be exchanged between your computer and the server. And the faster the data is exchanged, the smoother your game will run and the faster you will act and react – which is essential in many online games.

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A ping of less than 30ms is optimal for online gaming. The 30-50ms latency is also good, and when in doubt, enough for smooth gameplay. From 100ms, there can be a delay in the game that can cost you the win or at least the fun. Online You can test ping and download speedTo see if your streak is good enough for your gaming endeavors.

improve ping

If you already have good bandwidth with low latency, there are a few things you can try to lower your ping a bit:

  • Make sure to close programs running in the background on your computer while playing online. This means that no downloads or other uploads that could increase latency are made during the game.
  • If you have a long response time despite a good internet tariff with high bandwidth, this may be due to the router – some routers are not designed to ping well. An update might help. If not, you can replace the router with a better model with more setup options if needed.
  • If your online game allows you to set the server region, choose a server that is as close as possible to your location. The response time is usually lower with regional servers than with remote servers.
  • When choosing a server, menus are often available showing the average ping for the different servers. Choose a server with low latency if possible.
  • Having too many players on the server at the same time can slow down your ping. Here it can help to switch to another server that is less busy.
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gaming device performance

If there are lags or long loading times in the game despite an optimal internet connection, sufficient bandwidth and fast ping, this may also be due to your computer or your console itself. Your device’s performance may be exhausted. If you don’t want to invest in a new, more powerful hardware right away, sometimes it helps to reduce the lighting effects in a game, for example. This reduces the workload on your computer and can ensure a smoother game.