September 28, 2022


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gamescom, move the world and a bit of hunting camp 2

Topics of the week. Sources: Xbox Game Studios, Riot Games, Pearl Abyss, Deep Silver, Marius shouted at YouTube

Welcome to the 35th Weekly Review of 2021! Gamescom 2021 has dominated the past seven days from August 23-29, 2021, which are again staged entirely digitally, but have once again been able to show us many new games, especially as part of the opening Night Live.

Some ads could already be expected, others not. In our latest Weekly Review of, you can read below five topics that have us particularly interested in you. In addition to gamescom, there were only two topics that were relevant enough to also get a place here.

So it looks like some of you are really looking forward to the upcoming Hunting Camp 2, which will take place September 9-12 and will be broadcast again for 72 hours live on Knossi’s In addition, esports fans of League of Legends are interested in the automatic transfer of the 2021 world from China to Europe.

Enjoy while reading!

5. Saints Row DIY: This is the reboot

Gamescom News #1: Following the announcement of the reboot of the already iconic and iconic Saints Row franchise before gamescom, there is now an official reveal. The upcoming game is called “Self Made Saints Row” and it has very different feelings than its predecessors. The first trailer is atmospheric and knit:

DIY Saints Row: This is the reboot

4. Hunting Camp 2: start time, finished house raft and more

As mentioned earlier, the news and preliminary reports of Angelcamp 2, which are gradually becoming available and can be read regularly on our website, are of great interest to you. In less than two weeks the camp gang will meet again for fishing, music and of course a lot of bullshit. Not only will there be many exciting guests again, but there will also be a home raft built by Marius Engishren, which has already been completed.

Hunting Camp 2: start time, finished house raft and more

3. DokeV: A cute open world game with Pokemon reactions

Introducing the upcoming Open World Games DokeV also comes from gamescom, which not only is brightly colored, action packed and very crazy, but also gives us an instant Pokemon vibe. DokeV is definitely one of the craziest, exciting, and intriguing yet intriguing announcements of this year’s opening night opening. Particularly interesting: the game comes from developer Black Desert Pearl Abyss. We will of course keep you updated as soon as more ideas become available.

DokeV: A cute open world game with Pokemon reactions

2. Worlds 2021: Confirmation of the move to Europe – these are the reasons

In addition to all the gamescom games, there was another real thrill of the week lurking behind us. After rumors and speculation initially surfaced, Riot Games has in fact confirmed that the League of Legends World Cup, also known as Worlds, will not take place in China this year, as previously planned, but automatically in Europe.

This mainly concerns entry restrictions into China. In this context, Riot Games stresses the need to maintain the competitive integrity of League of Legends in any case, selecting locations that ensure that all eligible teams can compete against each other with their best players. This was not possible in China this year. All the additional information about the 2021 worlds transfer:

Worlds 2021: Confirmation of the move to Europe – these are the reasons

1. Halo Infinite releases on December 8th – all info about the release

The theme of the week is Halo Infinite! Of course, the update for the most anticipated shooter of the year will also come from gamescom. We’ve known for some time now that Halo Infinite will be launched in the foreseeable future. However, the official release date has now been announced at Gamescom.

Halo Infinite including the campaign and a free multiplayer part will be released on December 8, 2021. We were also able to enjoy the cinematic introduction to the first multiplayer season. What other exciting news did we learn:

Halo Infinite arrives on December 8th – all info about the release

As always, all the interesting news is available on and especially in our news category.

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