September 24, 2021


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Games mourn Kurt Basinger

Former Langau and Kienberg Consumer Branch Manager Kurt Bachinger has done a lot of work in his private life for the community, and especially in the Gaming community, for “God’s Pay”.

He was a passionate athlete. As a teenager, he wanted to become a cyclist, but he was denied this. As head of Kienberg’s consumer branch, he deservedly retired in 1991. The focus is on “change”, because now he can continue “special disturbances” without interruption.

Kurt Bachinger had many leisure activities: Cave guide in the Ötscher stalactite cave, always going by bike – head of the local mountain rescue center at Lackenhof, head of the photo group for nature lovers, games for skiers, snowboarders, snowboarders and mountaineers – at an early age until he climbed Kilimanjaro . He knew all the mountain tours of the region up to Styria, Upper Austria and beyond.

As a member of the Games’ Municipal Council, he was recently responsible for environmental protection and thus combined his other activities. Because when you fundraise as a mountain savior at the Lackenhof Ski Area, you can learn from him about environmental sensibilities as much as the hiking trails in the Ötscher in summer, the prettiest ski tours on the Ötscher or beyond. He is always well informed about safety issues. Tips were on hand.

Kurt Bächinger knew the community and its inhabitants between Kienberg and Zellerrain like the back of his hand and even in the guesthouse, still making much use of the time for communications of all kinds, or as a helpful expert on all the potentially contaminated places in the 244 square kilometer large community, where the Alpine Conservation Society managed Austrian to lend a helping hand. Kurt Bachinger acted as a unifying agent and brought decision makers together – especially when it came to the environment and tourism.

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Recently, it has become more and more difficult for the holder of the Gold Medal of Honor of the Games municipality, Kurt Bächinger, and his wife to keep in touch as they have increasingly had to accept health restrictions and a stay at home in Burgstal has become necessary.