June 4, 2023


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Gamer wants to play a popular game on Steam, but the new RTX 3090 for €1,400 is no longer supported

The player wants to play Civilization on his computer. But the game tells him that his graphics card is too weak. This is not an uncommon problem when trying to use old games with new hardware.

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One player explained on redditHe wants to play the popular strategy game Civilization IV. But after starting, the game displays a warning message: His hardware is too weak, so the game has lowered the graphics settings.

But this surprises him, because with an i7-12700K and an RTX 3090, he has installed the latest hardware in his PC. The community is enjoying it. Some are already scoffing that 24 GB of video memory in 2023 is simply not enough.

You will need at least 32 GB of video memory, which is not currently provided by a gaming graphics card. After all, you can also install games to the RTX 3090’s 25GB of video memory if you wish.

In fact, the “problem” is not uncommon when you want to play old games with new hardware.

Old games are more likely to cause problems on newer devices

If you have upgraded your gaming system and want to play old and popular games, you will see error messages and warnings quite often. Because the old games can no longer handle the new hardware. At best, there is only an internal error message, at worst, the game simply crashes. Here are just a few examples:

  • If you like to play the old shooter Fallout 3, for example, you will have to deal with crashes and problems if you install a new device.
  • If you want to start the old strategy game Spellforce, you will have graphical problems with the menus on a modern Radeon graphics card (RX 6000 or later).
  • Settlers III struggles with the annoying little stutter if you want to use a processor with more than one core.
  • Some games can’t even be installed because they think the built-in hardware is too weak.
  • Older games sometimes hide graphics settings because the hardware is supposedly not good enough.
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Can such problems be solved? In many cases, the games are so old that the developers stopped supporting the game a long time ago. Often only tricks or workarounds can help get games working again. Sometimes it is useful to reinstall DirectX or reinstall the PhysX software package from Nvidia (eg in RPG Sacred 2).

However, in some cases, the dramatic “problems” are only half of what they seem. Because games like Oblivion or successor Skyrim also do not recognize the built-in hardware and set the settings to low. However, the game does not prevent you from returning the graphics settings to maximum after that.

However, it is not always possible to increase the graphics settings again. The user who bought the RTX 4090 had to know:

Gamer buys RTX 4090, the fastest graphics card – his favorite game unobtrusively offers him the lowest settings