November 29, 2022


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[G-STAR]Cute Witch Training RPG "Witch's Fountain R" Will Be Released In 2023-GAME Watch

[G-STAR]Cute Witch Training RPG “Witch’s Fountain R” Will Be Released In 2023-GAME Watch

I would like to present the RPG “Witch’s Fountain R”, which is being developed by Kiwi Walks, as a playable exhibit at the G-STAR 2022 venue.

“Witch’s Fountain R” is the latest work in the “Witch’s Fountain” witch training series developed by Korean developer Kiwi Walks. The series is gaining popularity as a mobile RPG, but the third work “Witch’s Spring 3” will be released in August 2020, like the revamped “Witch’s Spring 3 Re: Fine” for Nintendo Switch, it is gradually expanding.

And “Witch’s Spring R” is a self-made remake based on the original “Witch’s Spring”. In this work with the witch “Pieberry” as the main character, the scenario, characters and game system developed. It is planned to expand compatible platforms to consoles in addition to PC. The release date is 2023 according to the latest announcement. Japanese supports subtitles and full audio.

[المقطع الدعائي الرسمي الثالث لفيلم Witch Spring R]

Suite “Witch’s Fountain R”. Developed by Kiwi Walks, a Korean developer

The PC version was used, and a gamepad was used to play

“Witch’s Fountain R” where everything you see is cute

In the demo version, it was possible to play part of the game. The game is mainly from a downward skewed perspective, and the story is advanced by playing a 3D model of a pie. When there are conversations and scenes, the camera gets close to the characters and shows rich facial expressions. In conversation, static images of characters also appear.

Combat is turn-based, and actions are determined from multiple elements such as attacks, magic, and item usage. With powerful magic, more sparkling products are included, and the battle variation is just as effective.

The game mainly progresses from a top-down perspective

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Perhaps the biggest attraction of this work is the appeal of characters like Pieberry. The main characters are represented by 2D static images and slightly less static 3D models, both of which are nice. In a conversation scene, both the 3D model and the standing image may appear, but sometimes the facial expressions are out of sync, creating a synergistic effect of cuteness.

As you progress through the story, you will meet different people, and many tricks will be prepared on the field. Anyway, blueberry pie is bland, so it’s an experience that you can heal more and more by just whipping up blueberry pie.

The 3D model and permanent image make the blueberry pie even more attractive

You can feel the healing effect as soon as you run the raspberry pill

In addition, as a healing experience related to mycelium berries, there is a care factor. When you return to your base, you can synthesize materials collected on the field and “train” to improve your abilities as a mage. It’s a must because it’s nice no matter how you fall to see Pie Berry running and musing.

That’s what we saw in the playable version this time around, but a new main image for “Witch’s Fountain R” was released in conjunction with the G-STAR event, and a “Development Note” introducing the characters was released on the Steam page. Information Disclosure is becoming more active. According to the official announcement, new development notes will be released next week, so please look forward to that as well.

Screen at the base. The main training will take place here.

New main visual released in conjunction with the G-STAR event

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