August 19, 2022


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"Fully reproduce all Pokemon regions on one map for Micra" Fierce Man appears |  GetNavi web Get Navi

“Fully reproduce all Pokemon regions on one map for Micra” Fierce Man appears | GetNavi web Get Navi

In the 3D block game ‘Minecraft’ that can make anything like houses and buildings, some people make a Pac-Man that can actually be played with a dwelling with a cranethere was. In the absolutely free Minecraft space, a new hero has appeared who aspires to “create all Pokémon regions on one map”.

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TikTok user thechunkyhippo has been posting progress on the giant Minecraft x Pokemon map since mid-July.Minecraft Pixelmon modIt will be free to play

By the way, Pixelmon mod is an unofficial expansion program that allows you to add characters and items from the world of Pokemon to the world of Minecraft. By providing this, you can breed and train Pokemon.

As of August 3, you can see how some raw tracks of the original Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pikachu are generated in every TikTok video, and the Tokiwa City process takes shape. I can do that. However, Hanada City, which can be said to be the beginning, has just been completed, so it looks like there is still a long way to go.

The goal here is not only to enter the city and roads, but also buildings and gyms, so creating them completely is a huge task. That’s why thechunkyhippo asked for help with the last video, saying, “It’s too big for me to do on my own.”

We are looking for a team of Pokemon experts, interior designers, terrain designers, architects, server operators, etc. to protect “Being loyal to the (original) game”. Donate to support these peopleIt’s called

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There are many areas in the past Pokemon, and it has recently moved to 3D and the details are more complex, so it will become more difficult to reproduce them. Mr. Thechunkyhippo has already devised a way to resolve the discrepancy between the exterior and interior of the original Pokémon building, but transporting such as ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ and ‘Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus’ is a difficult task. Looks like it won’t work.

In addition, “Pokemon Scarlett Violet” is also scheduled to be released in November. I would like to support thechunkyhippo’s efforts to bring the endless Pokémon world to Minecraft.

source:thechunkyhippo (@TikTok)