December 7, 2023


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From the local council – Unlimited play times

From the local council – Unlimited play times

Created December 22, 2022 | 15:55

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Inconsistency in finances: the 2023 budget was approved by a majority vote of the SPÖ. Seven dissenting votes came from the FPÖ (1) and the ÖVP (6), and four local councilors from the ÖVP abstained.


gAming’s financial situation remains tense. It is also uncertain what projects Lackenhof has pending.

It would be desirable to take a look at the crystal ball by Games Mayor Renate Rakowitz. Society will face enormous challenges in the coming year. On the other hand, a comprehensive concept of Lackenhof reorientation is still lacking. “The investors haven’t been decided yet, which doesn’t make planning any easier for us,” Rakowitz says. So the estimate does not include a budget for that, to which the mayor drew criticism from the head of the examination committee, Franz Heher: “You could have put a few euros on paper.” The space. “There has been no purchase agreement with ÖBB yet,” said the mayor.

Because of all these uncertainties, only two planned projects are included in the estimate for 2023: the construction of the Ötscherwiese road (€500,000) and the Ötscherwiese torrent control (€50,000). What FPÖ Council member Karl Mackenhuber commented critically in view of the debt of 9.6 million euros: “The debt worries me, almost nothing is planned and the release of reserves of 50.000 euros is too large. In addition, I am afraid we have not sufficiently taken into account loans with variable interest rates.” Peter Bruckner of the ÖVP also took the same line. Rakowitz says: “I am very much against increasing fees in the current situation. People already have enough financial burdens to bear them.”

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The mayor sees no savings when it comes to saving electricity in her community: “We’ve already restricted sauna use and reduced lighting on Kartos and Christmas lights.” Franz Heher, ÖVP councilor.