October 24, 2021


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From now on, more details about errors in the rich results report

From now on, more details about errors in the rich results report

Rich snippets are a common SEO metric. Google Search Console now provides more details about errors in the encoding of structured data.

Rich snippets are not direct SEO ranking factors, but indirect ones: Your search result takes up more space, at best, especially on mobile, pushes the competition out of the fold, and generally looks better-retained and of higher quality Thus it brings more user clicks. Accordingly, it is useful for the page to generate a rich snippet, also known as rich result. It gets more annoying when you start the steps but no formatted results are generated due to errors in the code. So that such errors can be better debugged in the future, there is now more information about the errors in the status report of the rich results in Google Search Console.

What errors will be shown in the future?

First of all, the rich search results report will only be shown if rich results of type are found in the site and if the type is supported even for reports. Reports are available for search results of Q&A type, FAQ, data history, instructions, recipe, review, product, and job posting. If there is a report, it can be found under the “Improvements” menu item.

From now on, no new errors are identified in the report – but page owners get a better overview of existing errors. Daniel Waisberg, a Google search attorney, tweeted about the recently reported bug. that’s it:

  • Invalid attribute string length
  • Invalid attribute enumeration value
  • invalid object
  • Type conversion failed
  • out of numerical range

When an error line is selected in the error report overview, the problem details page should be displayed. There will likely be more information about the specific issue, such as the verification status, when it was first detected, the type of item, examples, and the date it was last crawled. The ideal state is high google browserThat the current number of errors is zero – otherwise webmasters must take action.

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Better performance with faster troubleshooting

Rich snippets can arise when information is labeled accordingly on a page with structured data. However, it is important that Google does not guarantee that excellent data is also displayed as a rich snippet. If the data is misleading, does not match objectively with the main content of the URL, or relates to things that the user cannot see at all, it will not display as a rich result. So there is always uncertainty. However, with error-free markup, the probability is significantly higher that your snippet will output as a rich result. Easily detect errors with more accurate correction of subsequent errors helps in better search performance.

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