May 19, 2022


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FritzOS 7.50: Good news for old FritzBox 7490 owners

Already getting old Fritz Box 7490 Currently still actively involved in development in AVM. According to the company, it is also possible that the form may also receive a job update.

The plans are not yet official, which is to come. that reports that Online magazine Deskmodder. Internet specialists from AVM had commented on the matter on Twitter. Since there is no “life sign” of the FritzBox 7490, for example in test version form as part of the beta lab program, the question was asked and answered on Twitter as follows:

Internal testing is already underway

“Development of the FritzBox 7490 is definitely still ongoing, which means that a new lab or official release may still be coming,” AVM Support wrote. In one of the following answers it becomes more specific. AVM wrote: “Of course we are testing in-house and for the FritzBox 7490 the results are looking very good so far. We are confident that the FritzBox 7490 will get the new update. We can’t say if there will be a Fritz Lab round before say.”

Next stop FritzOS 7.50?

The last currently available version of FritzOS for the FritzBox 7490 is version 7.29. Released back in November, it was a maintenance update with a number of improvements and bug fixes. AVM is now leaving it open as to how it will release new functionality for the old Fritz. The next major feature update starts with FritzOS 7.50. The company announced that Already at the beginning of the year.

These innovations must come

Top new features include WireGuard support for easy VPN connection setup, caller announcements, improved WiFi performance, and an improved Fritz Web user interface.

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Fritz Lab versions are currently available for a few AVM devices. These include the FritzBoxes 7590 AX, 7590, 7530 and 6591 Cable, as well as the FritzRepeater 2400.

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