September 28, 2022


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Freudenberg saves money and energy with LED street lights

Achieving climate protection and energy saving goals for the winter: Freudenberg uses the latest LED technology for street lighting.

Freudenberg continues to rely on LED technology in street lighting in order to meet its municipal energy goals, climate protection and energy savings for the coming winter. According to the city, 800 of Freudenberg’s total of 2,392 lights will be replaced with modern LED lights this year. With 150 lights, the tubular mast will also be replaced at the same time.

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Replacing the bulbs is expected to save about 80,000 kWh of energy annually. Together with Westenergie Mayor Achim Loos and Westnetz Network Operations Director Tim Kröning, Freudenberg Mayor Nicole Reschke got the first impression of the already converted light points in Niederndorf.

Current delivery problems – Freudenberg still gets LED street lights

“Especially in the current situation, energy saving plays a special role. Here, together with Westenergie, we can harness the potential and reduce energy consumption. In addition, the city will save money in the medium and long term because the significantly lower energy consumption and long service life of the lamps LED will make itself felt in the city budget,” says Nicole Reschke on the field visit.

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“As part of an additional street lighting contract agreement, we have entered into a street lighting investment program with the City of Freudenberg,” Westenergie Mayor Achim Loos reports. Despite the current delivery difficulties, it is assumed that the ambitious goal can be achieved. Therefore, the general procedure should be completed by the end of the year.

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Insect Friendly LED Street Lights With Lighting Management Interfaces

In addition, the systems are already equipped with interfaces through which the lamps can be upgraded if necessary to be able to communicate with each other as part of the light management system – this is how the automatic switching is controlled, so the lamps move only with the help of motion sensors and then activate when pedestrians pass. By changing the lighting color of LEDs from 4,000 to 3,000 Kelvin previously, the lighting is also more insect friendly,” explains Achim Loos.

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LED is an abbreviation for “Light Emitting Diode”, the technology means lower power consumption. Compared with traditional light sources, it is possible to save up to 50 percent in energy consumption. LED lights are the latest technology and are therefore preferred for street lighting. They also score points with a significantly longer service life of around 50,000 operating hours.

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