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“Forza 8 Motorsport” for Xbox and PC: release date, gameplay, info

“Forza 8 Motorsport” for Xbox and PC: release date, gameplay, info

Could you “Forza Motorsport“The competition”Gran Turismo 7Stand up? We’ll find out soon enough.


What could the next generation of racing games really look like? Not only was the answer given by Gran Turismo 7 some time ago, but also probably in a few months. “Forza Motosport”the eighth installment of the legendary racing game series from the developer Turn 10. He was looking forward to when and how the game “Forza Motorsport” will develop. Xbox Series X | S and PC will submit. And now we finally have the answer many racing fans have been waiting for: Forza Motorsport is here On October 10, 2023 for Xbox Series X | S and PC. Here’s the new trailer with the release date:

“Forza Motorsport”: release date, gameplay, content – that’s what we know so far!

The first details about “Forza Motorsport” were revealed at the latest showcase event: players can look forward to more than 500 cars, more than 100 of which will be seen for the first time in the “Forza” franchise. All in all, you have more than 800 upgrade options at the same time to tune your dream car into the perfect racing machine. The developers also previously introduced new damage and dirt displays, realistic light and shadow effects through ray tracing, and supposedly realistic representations of vehicle colors. Forza Motorsport will retain a total of 20 tracks or racing environments, and another 5 new ones join the 15 racing environments already seen in other Forza games.

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Also interesting:

In addition to the new online racing mode, “Forza Motorsport” will offer “an all-new single-player car-focused career.” A collaboration with General Motors was also announced at the Microsoft Showcase: the Cadillac V Series R and Corvette E-Ray were included as part of the vehicle selection in “Forza Motorsport”. The game will of course also be released on Day 1 in Game Pass for Xbox and PC on the October 2023 release date.

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