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Fortnite Neymar receives leather and battle bass items |  fortnite

Fortnite Neymar receives leather and battle bass items | fortnite

Neymar is now an officially playable character Fortnight. The ace is coming Royal of War A novelty this Tuesday Season 6 of Chapter 2 Owns leather and materials Battle Boss, In addition to a match he named: Neymar Junior Cup, Which will provide a customized boot made by Puma. Adding Neymar to Epic Games Game – Displays messages in creative mode – by Patch v16.30. See below all the tasks and items that can be obtained by completing all the tasks. Among the items available, Neymar’s collection includes four versions of the costume Emote, Pixar, Hang Glider and Ace – one of which was inspired by the Brazilian team.

Neymar at Fortnight – Photo: Breeding

On Saturday, Neymar had already posted on his social networks Custom launch Fordnight theme themed. On the same day, he banged on in the PSG victory over the Mets at the French Championship. With the arrival of the new season in the game, Ace in battle pass has already been confirmed, And more like a covert case.

Tasks and materials Unlock

Neymar skins at Fortnight – Photo: Revelation

  • To kick a toy soccer ball 500 meters away as Neymar Jr.: Open the Jewel Trophy bag
  • Neymar Jr. scores a goal with a toy football ball: Open Jaguar Attack Selection
  • Eliminate three enemies, such as Neymar Jr.: This work Shh will open the gesture, A gesture created when Neymar releases one of his primary forms

Neymar items in Fortnite – Photo: Revelation

The rewards of the Neymar Jr. package are not limited to work. In Chapter 2 he completes a certain amount of Epic Season 6 tasks so the user can open more items in the package.

Therefore, all rewards opened in this way are:

  • Spray I Ready
  • Emoticon shooting is invisible
  • OK gesture
  • Asa-Delta Acrobat Areo
  • Display of Neymar Junior Costume, Jaguar Attack Big and Neymar Junior Costume, Jaguar Strike Picox and Aerial Acrobat Hang Glider Exhibition Style of Aerial Acrobat Glider

When the user opens the second style of Neymar costume, Use gesture to awaken Neymar Jr.’s other primary form – Based on exhibition attire. Overall, they are: 1 standard style, 1 exhibition style and 2 primary styles.

Neymar Themed Fortnight Loading Screen – Photo: Revelation