December 6, 2021


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Fortnite: How to properly use the Shadow Stone in a video game?

Some Fortnite players are wondering how to use the Shadow Stone in Epic Games’ battle royale. The answer is below.

In recent days, many players from It is an electronic game They are trying to figure out how to use a shadow stone. new item Allows you to appear near a player in a battle royaleEpic Games. Know that you will have to complete several tasks before you get there.

Skin to win before

Because yes, as usual with this address, You must complete many missions Before he has a chance to use an item. Don’t panic, we will try to explain everything to you through this article. It all starts with the Cube Queen leather.

The skin that you should have previously opened. because There are some differences in It is an electronic game for this outfit. and rightly, For a chance to put it on your shouldersYou will have to use the famous Shadow Stone.

in order to Unlock the coveted pattern. You can also complete this challenge using a Flopper instead of using the Shadow Stone. If this is the case, then those who wish to go this route will have to draw their attention to certain places on the map.

Especially on the lake that It is located between Sludgy Swamp and Lazy Lake. You will find a bus parked on the beach in the northwest corner of this lake. Some players will then be able to bring their fishing rod which is in a barrel next to this vehicle.

Next, you will need to Throw your line a few times into the lake. Unless you have a great chance, it will take a few tries before you get a Flopper It is an electronic game.

If Fishing is not your favorite activity, You can still go back to the main path. The person you clicked this article for. Specifically, use the Shadow Stone to complete your to-do list.

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Fortnite: How to properly use the Shadow Stone in a video game?

Using Shadow Stone in Fortnite

but then, How do you use this famous “rock band” ? First, you should know what they look like. These are actually those famous purple cubes that often appear near alien sites.

You will find many places of this kind in It is an electronic game. However, it is still recommended to visit one in between Misty Meadows et al. Lyxol Lake. In fact, shadow stones often appear near this downed UFO.

So, after a few minutes of searching, You should find your happiness without too much worry. If you have chosen Flopper, you will have to search for a competitor on the map. Then get close to him, close enough.

Then hit the fire button after selecting your object beforehand, to take you close to it. with shadow stone You will have to use this, then you can teleport near another player.

Note that you will only have 45 seconds once the item is used To successfully teleport near another player. This should be enough for you to complete your task. It is an electronic game. Thus, you are able to open a new skin.