June 28, 2022


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Fordzilla P1 Race Car Team makes its gaming debut in GRID Legends Racing Game

Ford-Werke GmbH

Goodwood, UK (OTS)

  • Team Fordzilla P1 racing car is now available for free download online game developed by Codemasters and Electronic Arts
  • A true prototype in an exclusive in-game design and as a game simulator at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • TFZ-P1 is the world’s first virtual racing car developed by the gaming community and a car manufacturer

Born in virtual space, leapfrog into reality and now freely available to all fans in the digital world: The Fordzilla Team P1 Racer is the world’s first virtual racer, the result of a collaboration between the gaming community and the car manufacturer’s designers. Three months after it was shown online, Ford has already shown a full-size prototype. At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(June 23-26), the latest development phase of the TFZ-P1 is now showing the public its final in-game design. Sim racers can now download for free and watch in action in Codemasters “GRID Legends”.

“Today we have come full circle: we deliver on our promise and bring the TFZ-P1 back into the hands of the players,” said Boris Virceau, Europe Design Director. “Here at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we also offer the opportunity to drive the TFZ-P1 in GRID Legends and sit in the true prototype. One should not miss out on experiencing this wonderful blend of real and virtual worlds” The now completed first phase of the TFZ-P1 project may Just scratch the surface of what is possible. We will continue to work to blur the boundaries between digital and physical experience in the future. ”

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TFZ-P1 is now available as a free download in ‘GRID Legends’. The car avatar belongs to the category “Trackday Hypercars” and has a special design. Online gamers can look forward to an output of over 1,064 hp and a top speed of over 354 km/h. The ‘GRID Legends’ special challenge will start parallel to the in-game premiere of P1. Until July 29th, it gives players the opportunity to achieve the fastest time in this amazing new race car.

On the occasion of the in-game premiere of the digital TFZ-P1, Ford is presenting a special presentation at the Goodwood Festival of Speed: the true full-size prototype, which is already featured in the virtual model’s exclusive design. It offers on-site visitors the opportunity to experience a seat in the cockpit and serves as a complete sim racing platform from which the TFZ-P1 can be controlled directly in ‘GRID Legends’. In other words, the real gallery acts as a game emulator and a complete live streaming platform. In this way, the real and virtual worlds are closer to each other than ever before.

GRID Legends offers a variety of interesting and varied sports

Codemasters – one of the world’s most successful virtual racing game providers – worked closely with Electronic Arts to develop GRID Legends. EA is a leading publisher of games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices. The online platform offers many new and proven gameplay options, including a comprehensive “Career” mode with more than 250 events and a cross-platform multiplayer mode. With “Driven to Glory” there is a revolutionary story mode to choose from. Players will compete for the ‘GRID World Series’ in an exciting motorsport storyline that combines virtual production technology and gameplay. GRID Legends plays on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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The rapid development history of TFZ-P1

The TFZ-P1 project started in March 2020: Ford invited the online gaming community to submit their ideas and insights on a new race car via Twitter. Among other things, they were able to vote on the configuration of the seats, the placement of the engine installation and the design of the cockpit. Over 250,000 votes were received during the survey period.

In the next step, Ford designers made their suggestions based on the results of the vote. Arturo Ariño’s idea of ​​the exterior and Robert Engelmann’s vision of the interior prevailed. Just three months after the final draft was submitted, P1 appeared before the audience at Gamescom in Cologne at the end of August 2020 as a true full-size prototype.

Since then, Ford has continued to constantly develop the project. The prototype first turned into a racing simulator, and soon thereafter even into a full-fledged live streaming platform. Ford offered the P1 in a total of five different exterior colors, including a pilot chrome orange, which reacts to lighting conditions and surroundings with visual reflections.

More information about Team Fordzilla, TFZ-P1, and “GRID Legends” can be found under the web link www.teamfordzilla.com Ready.

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