July 21, 2024


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Forcebogan: Project Adia has a name + first game

Forcebogan: Project Adia has a name + first game

Named Project Atiya, Square Enix has long been working on a promising adventure game for PC and PS5. Now the project has got the final name and the first game.

In the first edition of its own video format for upcoming projects, Square Enix hit it off when the project came to a head. The action adventure was previously known by the name of this project and has been in production at Luminous Productions for some time. Now the final name has been determined!

During yesterday’s stream event, the publisher confirmed that the title is now in the name Forcebogan Coming up for sale. It was announced last year in 2020 that Forboken will be released on PS5 and PC to be specified on the upcoming 2022.

Forbogen focuses on the story of the protagonist Frey Holland. This is an ordinary young woman, beautiful but at the same time must use her magical abilities to threaten the world of Atiya.

Aside from the fact that Gary Vita (“Rock One: A Star Wars Story”) is the author, more definitive details about Forbogen are still pending. Above all: the new trailer shows some small game insights for the first time.

Forcebogan – Reveal the trailer

With Forboken, Project Adia finally got a certain name from Square Enix.

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