July 20, 2024


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Five stars for the police

Five stars for the police

Online reviews are something like this: a lot are bought, most reviewers are likely to deny eligibility for a serious review, a lot is done out of vengeance, and the bottom line is that you will find every opinion about everything if you read enough. But it’s good for one thing: humor. For example, if you look at the reviews from Braunschweig’s Central Police Department, you will find the usual talk there, as well as pearls. Officials are inferior to the 100-meter race, but they are catching up unjustly. No fair competition is possible, “one who closes his review writes by saying he will not tip. Another:” He was caught drunk with his friend on a Saturday night after a brawl. “Then comes a big courtesy to the police, ending with” Pleased Again! ” It can also be funny at Braunschweig Main Station, for example when someone writes that there are strange sunflower seeds everywhere. In general, the main station is “wyld” (a youthful word, which can be translated as “crazy” or “Crazy”) The machine offers “cookies and Bifi for free”, “One wants beef and ends up just tip” and you can go to the trains – wyld! But best of all: reviews of public toilets. Partly intended seriously. Who does Something like this? Understand someone: he explains the urinal historical background. But others just write that it was good. After all, there is an important reference to the use of the historic urinal in Braunschweig State Theater: “The job is guaranteed. But only for PIPI !!!”

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