May 17, 2022


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First coded build hints in alpha

First coded build hints in alpha

from Sarah Petzold
When does WoW: Dragonflight alpha start? The cryptographic build on Blizzard’s developer server indicates that the first phase of testing may begin soon.

A few days after the official announcement of WoW’s new Dragonflight expansion, many fans are asking themselves: When can we finally travel to the new territories of the Dragon Islands ourselves? While the actual release of the expansion and possibly also the beta is still somewhat elusive, at least one small detail gives some hope that Dataminer will soon pull the full file He could.

The Alpha program could start in mid-June

Because, as Wowhead editors discovered, it is located on Blizzard’s internal Wowdev server The first build of WoW 10.0 surfaced. However, this version is encrypted so that the data miner cannot analyze it yet. However, some conclusions can already be drawn from the construction or the date of its release.

In the case of WoW Shadowlands, the first encrypted release arrived on the dev server on February 19, 2020. Alpha launched less than two months later on April 9, 2020, while Beta opened its doors on July 15, 2020. If the developers follow a similar schedule again with Dragonflight, we can Perhaps in a few weeks the first steps into alpha From the new WoW expansion dare. So expect Dragonflight Alpha to launch in mid-June 2022.