December 6, 2021


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Fifa, Pokémon, Fortnite… The community of video game fans is growing in Creuse

“Come, lest you be jealous, I’ll take the three levers in my hand. Jeremy Mathewsian takes care of the details. He grabbed the Playstation 5 controller, then the Xbox Series X controller, and finally it’s the Nintendo Switch’s turn. Presented in this way, one can imagine Himself in a computer course using software with names that aren’t very exciting.And no, these are the main video game consoles at the moment.

Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo? It’s hard to pick Jeremy Mathewsian.
Le Creusois owns all three. Nothing is more natural for someone who presides over the Players’ Republic. Created in 2016 in the south and then exported to Sainte-Feyre in 2018, it continues to grow. “The goal was to connect all the local video game players to create a real community and organize events. It’s more fun than playing alone in front of the TV.”

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A thriving community in the department

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With around forty members, this fan of FIFA, the football simulation game, strives to unite around this passion. He believes Creuse could also host major events around this cultural milieu. Just like Rencontres de Chaminadour for books or various music festivals.

Keep up but also adapt to different generations. Each has its own peculiarities and favorite games. “Younger people tend to play Fortnite mostly. Older ones are more into sports games like FIFA or first person shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty.”

Be collectors, video game players meet at the geek garage sale in Sainte-Feyre (Creuse)

Many events planned on this topic

But all this small world of “players” manage to come together on great occasions such as, for example, the “Geek Garage Sale” organized by the Republic of Gamers or even the “24 Hours of Play” marathon that will take place in early November in La Souterraine. An event organized by the Fairy Play Association, another Creuse video game player since 2013.

Cruz’s garage sale geek is still very successful.
Mark David Chevelion is its president. For him, the game is conjugated in the plural. “In our association, it’s a game with a capital J. So there’s card game and board game and video games of course we’re trying to develop more and more.” And this mix of genres allows us to see beautiful exchanges across generations.

This fan of Final Fantasy, the popular role-playing game on console, is satisfied to see the community of players grow from year to year in the division. “I already knew that associative tissue was very developed in Creuse but we could always have doubts about what might or might not work for us. Kids of the 2000s were born with video games, so there will be more players in the future and will have to We have to be there to let them meet.”

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Sometimes the meeting place is surprising. “At Creuse we already have video game sessions in churches. Everyone appreciates it. We even played fighting games like Street Fighter. A nice gesture when we know video games can be a religion among the most faithful. But those still struggle to decide on their ‘god’.” So, like Mario, Pikachu, or Lara Croft?

Alex Fermandy