September 28, 2022


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FIFA 23 debuted with ‘absolutely necessary’ anti-cheat technology

FIFA 23 will have many innovations on PC this year: not only are PC gamers finally catching up with their Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in terms of technology, they also get real protection against cheaters for the first time.

EA is based on a new anti-cheat technology called EAAC, which will debut in FIFA 23 and according to the developers strictly necessary he is.

EA Sports launches a battle against cheaters on PC

in the last Deep Dive’s blog post EA has introduced its new anti-cheat technology EA AntiCheat (EAAC), which will be used for the first time in the PC version of FIFA 23. Other EA titles such as Apex Legends are currently based on the widespread Easy AntiCheat.

What exactly is an EAAC? EAAC is an anti-fraud and anti-fraud solution developed in-house at Electronic Arts. Similar to the Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone anti-cheat systems, EAAC operates at the kernel level. In Valorant, this has caused privacy and system security concerns for many players:

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Valorant anti-fraud software

Why do fans fear Vanguard but riot still sticks to it

EA pledges that players will not have to worry in this regard, as access to the software is restricted despite the kernel level:

Protecting player privacy is a priority for the Game Protection and Anti-Cheat team – we’re gamers, too! EAAC only considers what you need for the purposes of combating cheating in our games and we have limited the information EAAC collects. If you have a process on your PC trying to interact with our game, EAAC can see and respond to it. However, everything else is taboo.

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Our game security and anti-cheat team is made up of some of the best security engineers in the world, and we’re passionate about ensuring our software never introduces vulnerabilities. Our anti-fraud engineering team conducts daily tests and constantly conduct internal security and penetration tests against EAAC.

EAAC should not have any negative impact on performanceEA claims to guarantee it EAAC performance and as lightweight as possible he is.

However, in the blog, EA does not provide an answer as to whether Mods detected as cheating will. There is a vibrant mod community on PC that brings FIFA missing (national) teams, new leagues, gameplay improvements, and more every year.

Anti-cheat according to EA strictly necessary

EA itself says that the new anti-cheat at the kernel level strictly necessary Because in recent years more and more cheats are working in kernel mode. Therefore, the only reliable way to detect and block them is to have EAAC work there as well.

The fact that FIFA 23 offers cross-play between PC, Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 for the first time will certainly also play a major role in this decision – after all, console players should still be able to play without outwitting opponents.

All important information about cross-play and current restrictions can be found here:

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FIFA 23 introduces cross-play for the first time, but there are significant limitations

From our own experience we can confirm that at least on PC there have been regular cheaters in previous FIFA titles. Thanks to the hacks that they made, they were able to break the connection, among other things, in order to avoid defeats. If EA can deliver on its security and privacy promises and modifications are still possible, we consider EAAC a welcome addition.

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