September 24, 2021


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FIFA 22: DUX Gaming and Team Gullit offer 2vs2 gameplay

Hard-to-crack defense, poor passes in the last third and changing sides as an effective medium – first impressions of 2vs2 gameplay in FIFA 22.

In the first official 2v2 match in FIFA 22, the eSportler’s attack rarely made accents.
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Jaime ‘Gravesen’ Alvarez and Adrian ‘Adriman’ Caribeno of DUX Gaming of Spain as well as Dutch duo Dani ‘Dani’ Visser and Levi ‘Levi’ de Weerd of Team Gullit were among the most successful duo in FIFA 21. After eSportsman presented Tom ‘Tom’ Leese and Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt recently gave an insight into the single-player gameplay of FIFA 22 via YouTube in a live duel, followed by a 2vs2 duel between DUX and Team Gullit.

The first knowledge can be obtained after only a few minutes. The new ball physics seem to have a huge impact on changing aspects, which turns out to be the most important component of the game’s structure. This was also confirmed by “Levi” after the match: “Often there was an error with page changes in the last year, with this branch I have no problem at all.”

How can the defense be broken?

Side changes offered space, but the final third was densely populated on both sides. With hand-held defenders, both “DUX Gaming” and “Team Gullit” successfully prevented real scoring opportunities at long distances. If the defensive bar is breached, the last pass usually does not find the desired teammate – the short pass system in this area is more demanding than in FIFA 21.

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There must be a need for very good chemistry between the two teams. Logically, a counterattack involving a long ball on Kylian Mbappé decided the match in the 85th minute to achieve the final score 1-0 for “Team Gullit”. Taking advantage of the mistakes of the rival duo can be the key to success.

Final players

What is left after the first 2v2 test? The e-athletes did not explode in ecstasy in the subsequent interview. The fact that they have been consistently positive about the new branch is a fact OFFICIAL VIDEO FROM EA SPORTS Unsurprisingly. ‘Gravesen’ commented favorably on “player collisions” regarding HyperMotion technology.

His colleague Adremann praised the behavior of the goalkeepers, who made a rather immature impression in the duel between Ticks and Tom. “I liked the new passport system the most,” Danny added. It is hoped that both eSportsman and the community can turn the new features into more exciting encounters with more goal opportunities in the future.

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