February 6, 2023


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FIFA 22 computadores

FIFA 22: Computer version must be minimal

The PC version of the famous FIFA is always a case study! After all, even if the PC is a more powerful platform than any other gen console EA always insists on releasing a ‘closed’ version of the game for the computer world.

This will be repeated in 2021, as the PC version of FIFA 22 will not have the promised upgrades to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. Of course, we have to add the animation technology we want.

In a nutshell, FIFA 22 is based on the PS4 / Xbox One version. This is EA’s outrageous decision, and one that proves the lack of respect for fans in the PC world.

FIFA 22: The computer version will be ‘limited’

FIFA 22 computers

Therefore, Electronic Arts (EA) will continue with its strategy of releasing the PS4 / Xbox One version for PC. In other words, you did exactly what you did with FIFA 21 last year. Why? Well, E.A. According to, this decision was made to ensure that players with less powerful PCs continue to play football simulator.

Normally, it is quite possible to release a game to PC, which can really push the most powerful machines, but can still be played on older computers or on a ‘budget’ with less graphical settings.

Why this strategy? As you can imagine, most of the FIFA players are on the console. In other words, the number of players in the system is small, so it seems undesirable for EA to have ‘extra work’.

However, this is actually a ‘wall-in-the-mouth hack’ event. In other words, PC gamers do not like the limited edition, so they will not buy it. So, in this way, the FIFA community on the system will be smaller.

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What will be left?

PC fans can say goodbye to “hyper motion” Step, is a feature that can create new animations in real time. (Via AI application).

In addition, EA decided to complicate life for game buyers for the console. In other words, there will be no free update for the new generation. So if you buy the game for PS4 now and you happen to buy PS5 at Christmas, you should buy FIFA 22 again for PS5. (If you do not buy the Ultimate Edition, it is very expensive.)