November 26, 2022


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ffn.likemee – ffn mediengruppe turns Radio.likemee App Technologie | Radio Week

Northern Germany’s No. 1 hit digitally. In addition to the many new online music channels, ffn will also rely on award-winning Radio.likemee app technology to distribute and consume its specials in the future.


As the newest customer, ffn has brought its own cravings for the app’s comprehensive feature set. For example, Bosch’s driver fault alarm is integrated as a feature and is available to all interested customers thanks to its white label approach.

Harald Gehrung, Managing Director of ffn mediengruppe: “ffn always strives for the best possible standards – also in digital distribution. In addition to the well-researched feature of Radio.likemee for radio stations, we have been particularly impressed with the ability to use the stability and innovation benefits of the white label system and we still are. We have a single application at the end of the day that 100% of the open terminals are DNA compatible. “

Lasse Malchow, Radio.likemee Product Owner / Head of Radio Service | New Media Solutions: “ffn shows another exciting side of Radio.likemee. Use clients like RADIO BOB! Above all, the ability to create a large number of music channels and podcasts still usable to listeners in the best possible way is an exciting aspect of ffn given the region of Lower Saxony, the subject of communications in the car. In addition to the Bosch Driver Fault Alarm System, seamless integration between Apple Car Play and Android Auto radio and podcasts ensures additional benefits for open listeners. “

The new ffn app is available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones and available for free in the respective app stores.

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