December 4, 2022


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Ferreira escapes surgery, but lacks up to eight matches

Of Grêmio’s victims in the first match against LDU, from Ecuador, in Copa Sudamericana, Ferreira is the worst case. Rio Grande do Sul announced today (11) that the attacking midfielder suffered a partial ligament tear in his right knee. However, the 11th jersey will not undergo surgery but rather a conservative treatment. Even without official predictions, the estimate is for absences in at least eight matches.

At 23, Ferreira is Grêmio’s second-best scorer this season with 11 goals.

Grêmio didn’t expect Ferreira to return, but UOL Esporte found that the unofficial drop was back within a month. If the deadline is confirmed, then Filipao will not be the attacking midfielder in all the knockout matches – in both the South American Championship and the Copa del Rey, and the most important rounds of the Brazilian championship.

At Gre-Nal, Ferreira was removed at the end of the first half. Before, he had already received treatment and tried to continue. Without shirt 11, Léo Pereira was the substitute chosen. The cast also includes Léo Chu and Guilherme Azevedo as other options.

The sequence of matches for the coming weeks, within the expected low period for Ferreira, has LDU in Quito, Porto Alegre, Fluminense, America-MG, Red Bull Bragantino and Chapecoense for Brasiliao. In addition to the two matches with Vitoria, for the Brazilian Cup.

If the recovery comes within the expected, Ferreira could return against Sao Paulo. The match will take place at Morumbi Stadium for the 15th round of the Brazilian League on August 15th. In the next round, the match will be against Bahia in Porto Alegre.

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