October 1, 2022


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FC 08 Villingen: Why FC Holzhausen is an outstanding climber – football

Eight Zero hopes FCH top scorer Janick Michel (right) does not celebrate at MS Technologie Arena. 08 Central defender Fredrik Bruno knows the striker’s strengths from their time together at Holzhausen. picture: ; Compilation: by Gottschalck

Big Expectation in Villingen and Holzhausen – Wednesday night (6.30pm) There will be a league derby between the two teams at MS Technologie Arena for the first time ever.

When referee Vincent Schuller (Kalou) asks players of both divisions to come to the center circle, the roles are clearly divided. Willingen wants to play for promotion positions, as WFV promoted it is all about staying in the league. But not only does Arash Yehigan want anything to do with the “David vs. Goliath” duel. “Holzhausen may be a surprise team, and it has nothing to do with relegation,” suspects 08’s sporting director, who is hoping for a four-figure viewership on Wednesday.

Praise from Kickers

And that’s not just because of FC Holzhausen’s recent 3:1 at Freiburger FC. The rookie team also showed in the 4-0 defeat against the Stuttgarter Kickers that they can keep up with the Premier League. “With this performance, Holzhausen will make life difficult for many opponents at home,” Kickers coach Mustafa Unal said.

Gate Machine

In Freiburg, the “village club” could once again count on striker Janick Michel. After 47 goals in the last round (38 matches), the 30-year-old celebrated his first two goals in the league. 08 coach Marcel Yehiagan knows that it is almost impossible to stop the entire “scoring machine” in 90 minutes. However, Captain Dragan Ovuka and Associates together can ensure that Michel does not increase his Friedengrund account.


Only one person knows from personal experience how Michel can be stopped: Frederic Bruno. “Jannik is a real great striker. He moves very well, shoots from all angles,” the Villingen defender is excited about the duel against his former team-mate. Emmanuel Ingrau knows Holzhausen best, after all, the assistant coach of FC 08 was still working with the newly promoted team until the summer. “Of course he knows the strengths and weaknesses of the FCH players,” Marcel Yehiagan sees as a small advantage for the eight-0.

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Masterpiece and construction site

Of course, the 30-year-old was back on defense on Wednesday, which is the current challenge at the World Cup for Stars. Only one goal (unfortunate) – in the last 0:1 at Hollenbach (Marcel Yehiagan: “It’s game over”) – Willinger has conceded in the previous four games. But in both league matches, Ibrahima Diakite managed only one “stall” in a 1-0 win over Freiburger FC. “We have to get better in the final third of the game,” the A license holder hopes the assist passes will find a buyer more often. In addition, they expect better closing behavior.

are back

The coach doesn’t just think of the “magic triangle” of Eric Sautner, Maxime Follon and Ibrahima Diackett. The entire team is challenged to eliminate these shortcomings. “It is also possible that there will be personnel changes,” for example, Tyvek Gillan, who was missing in Hollenbach, could set the tone for the attack. Denis Klose will return to the goal. “Everyone is on board,” Yehia says happily.

This says FCH coach Pascal Reinhardt

But FCH coach Pascal Reinhardt is also spoiled for choice when it comes to the squad. Only the use of Niklas Schaeffel, who was replaced in Freiburg with muscle problems, is called into question. Kevin Mueller is back from vacation. “We can go to Villingen without any excitement, they have strengthened themselves with third-division players and the regional league and they have very different goals than ours. But my team also knows what it can do and wants to face the favorites,” says Reinhardt Fencing “with the big neighbour”.

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