December 1, 2022


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Fast charging thanks to NASA technology –

Cooling technology developed by NASA for use in space could dramatically speed up charging of electric vehicles on Earth in the future. As explained by NASA in a blog post, the cooling mechanism developed as part of the Flow and Condensation Experiment (FBCE) has the potential to reduce the charging time of electric vehicle batteries to less than five minutes.

This will require a current of 1400 amperes, which will currently cause the cables to overheat. In one experiment, researchers have now applied FBCE to electric vehicle charging technology by passing a dielectric liquid coolant through a charging cable. According to NASA, a current of 2400 amperes can be achieved.

This technology was developed primarily because NASA must have precise “thermal control” of some components on future moon and Mars missions. What the engineers think: The sometimes extreme temperature differences between day and night must be compensated for in space so that technology and people can survive under these conditions. Because these cooling components need to be as compact and light as possible, they can also be used in other applications on Earth – fast charging, for example.

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