July 1, 2022


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Fast and Sharp: AOC AGON PRO AG274QS 300Hz QHD FPS Gaming Monitor

Attention to esports professionals and aspiring enthusiasts: AGON by AOC – one of the world’s leading brands of gaming monitors1 and IT Accessories – Introduction Size 68.58 cm (27 in) AGON PRO AG274QS QHD display (2560 x 1440 pixels) with an amazing 300Hz refresh rate. The high-performance 3-sided frameless model comes with an IPS panel, DisplayHDR 600, and a 1ms (GtG) or 0.5ms (MPRT) response time – dream FPS, Battle Royale, and the like at fast-paced titles.

sharp and fast
Die aktuelen AGON PRO Modelle mit Full HD, der 25” AG254FG (360 Hz) oder der 27” AG274FZ (260 Hz), sind bereits exzellente Beispiele dafür, wie sich außergewöhnliche Geschwindigkeit mit IPS-miswertigen a allowed. But now it has become more difficult. The AGON by AOC 27″ AG274QS monitor offers QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) and up to 300 Hz, and is thus one of the first QHD monitors to have a high refresh rate.

AG274QS displays more frames per second than conventional 144Hz gaming monitors thanks to a refresh rate of more than twice the refresh rate. Even dramatic action scenes appear more fluid, more accurate and practical without shadows – a decisive competitive advantage when fighting at the highest level. Stuttering and stuttering are now a thing of the past thanks to Adaptive Sync technology, AMD FreeSync Premium support, and the use of a variable refresh rate. Especially in first-person shooter games, when it comes to milliseconds, the player can react faster to the opponent’s unexpected actions and respond.

The AG274QS also impresses with realistic and immersive single-player experiences with DisplayHDR 600 certification. The monitor delivers peak brightness of 600 nits. Sparkling bangs can be displayed on a pitch-black night or crimson landscapes with breathtaking sunlight and harsh shadows simultaneously.

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The model, which won the Red Dot Design Award, is also a model of AOC’s successful AGON PRO series. This can be seen, for example, in the three-sided frameless design of the multi-screen settings, the logo display device and customizable RGB effects (Light FX) that can be synchronized with other AOC devices thanks to the extensive G-list software.

There’s also a stable and ergonomic metal base – which allows the monitor to swivel (pivot), tilt, swivel and adjust its height – Four USB 3.2 ports – which connects the monitor to a docking station for additional peripherals such as a gaming keyboard, mouse, or USB headset maker – and two built-in 5 speakers Watts with DTS sound and headphone stand on screen. Includes a QuickSwitch console in dial to easily adjust OSD settings. But of course the settings can also be controlled via a joystick or the G-Menu software.

AGON PRO AG274QS Closed June 2022 Available (RRP: 1,189.00 EUR or. 1,279.00 Swiss Francs).

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