May 31, 2023


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Fans angry at Amazon after technical meltdown - 'cheap tactics'

Fans angry at Amazon after technical meltdown – ‘cheap tactics’

“The Boys” fans only get one episode per week. This goes against the trend for many.Photo: Amazon Prime Video

With stunning scenes (you can see body parts exploding, for example), the third season of the satirical superhero series “The Boys” is currently causing quite a stir on Amazon Prime. And so the show continues smoothly from previous seasons: time and time again, the boundaries of good taste are happily crossed, and that is exactly what the audience celebrates.

However, there are criticisms of the streaming provider’s strategy. While the first three episodes of Season 3 came with one hit, the remaining episodes will now be released week after week. In the reviews on Amazon, fans expressed their anger.

‘The Boys’: Fans want a one-hit season

With rival Netflix, it’s common for all seasons of a series to be released in one day. Amazon, on the other hand, takes a different approach to many shows and only offers seasons in bits and pieces. This is the traditional method that HBO and Sky, for example, used to take on “Game of Thrones” – but it’s becoming increasingly unpopular.

The accusation can often be read in the comments on the Amazon homepage: The streaming service is primarily concerned with retaining subscribers for a longer period of time. The customer, for example, is full of praise for new episodes, but praises the provider. “The fact that people are artificially trying to get people to subscribe to Prime (1 episode per week) is no longer up to date”, is his rule. There is another user who is much more difficult to deal with the court and shouts:

Amazon Prime released the first season in one go in July 2019, and the strategy only changed with the second season. The title of another negative review reads: “Unfortunately, Amazon still hasn’t learned anything.” This fan also complains: “The meaning of broadcasting in this day and age is not understood. The one-episode interrupted version is very old and belongs to the TV era of the 90s. Amazon is so bad, this has nothing to do with streaming in 2022.You can also read about a ‘cheap tactic’ in the comments section.

Amazon errors sparked criticism

Plus, Amazon’s publishing policy hasn’t been without loopholes so far. Subscribers had to wait longer than planned for the fourth episode last week. Opposite “The movie beginsThe responsible agency later stated that the episode could not be released as planned due to “technical issues”.

Since then, more reviews have arrived on Amazon to target waiting time between episodes. A new post says, “I’m not in the mood to have to think about it every week. After all, we’re streaming and not the old TV principle.” This fan even made a drastic decision: “Since Amazon has now decided to stream one episode per week, I will now decide to cancel the streaming service.”


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