November 27, 2021


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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Season 5 sends beans into the wild

Fall Guys: The fifth season of Ultimate Knockout will be available on Steam and PlayStation tomorrow, July 20, 2021 with the epic game announced. The new season brings the beans to the dome of the forest, which is filled with large swinging tree trunks, a mysterious temple and mechanical rhinos.

There are also three new trailers to match the new season:

Game Trailer:

Fame Path Trailer:

Movie Trailer:

The contents of the new season were presented in one Opens the event, Which showed Beans diving and speed through six new rounds, including new ways to team up with others and limited time events.

New rounds in season 5:

  • Treetop Dumble – The way to reach the goal goes on forked paths, raising dangerous stem oscillations and frogs.
  • Ground of Stamp – When escaping frantically from three mechanical rhinos, it is important to be fast and agile.
  • The Lost Temple – An ambitious round of beans awaits with a new finalist: Through the temple, the path to the crown is constantly changing.
  • Lily Lippers – A good sense of rhythm and a safe landing are important to win one level at a time.
  • Bubble problem – In the bubble problem, you have to overcome the active areas full of obstacles to get a chance for success.
  • Peckwin Pool Party – At the Peckwin Pool party you should catch pegwins and not leave them while the beans are on crispy slides. The longer they take place, the more points there are.

Limited time events
With limited time events, a new way to overcome the dilemma comes – packed with special challenges and the rewards associated with it, rare costumes, emotions, name tags and more.

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Teams in Season 5
In Season 5, a lot of opportunities are used to improve and expand relationships with others. Sometimes limited doubles and triple shows are planned, which make an alternative to the troop system useful.

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