November 27, 2021


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Fakespot: Amazon urges Apple to remove it from the App Store

Fakespot: Amazon urges Apple to remove it from the App Store

In the past, fake reviews increased on the popular Amazon sales platform. We’ve also reported several times that the charging giant has taken accessory providers like Aukey, RAVPower, Choetech, and others out of its range after internal testing. Manufacturers rely on paid reviews, where buyers receive money for a product refund if they post a positive review on Amazon.

Now Fakespot also wanted to do its part to fake reviews on Amazon and use a complex algorithm to detect fake reviews on the sales platform. Relevant reviews are rated on a trustworthiness scale from A to F and therefore do their part to ensure more transparency on Amazon.

Apparently, much to the chagrin of large companies that order Internet mail: Apple has the opposite CNBC Announces that Amazon has been taking action against Fakespot since June 8 for “infringement of intellectual property rights”. Apple has given the Fakespot development team time to make improvements to the app. It seems these changes weren’t enough: Fakespot is no longer on the App Store. Report to the development team via their Twitter account:

German wording: “Yesterday Apple removed the Safe Shopping app from the App Store after we received a notice of removal from Amazon. Amazon’s reasons for requesting the removal of our app have no factual or legal basis and are an attempt to dissuade us from telling consumers the truth about Amazon.”

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“We are disappointed with Apple’s decision”

The following tweets from Fakespot also speak plain language: The development team should be silenced to cover up Amazon’s approach. “Just a few weeks ago, Amazon admitted there was a problem with fake comments, but blamed it on social media companies,” Fakespot said. “Now it’s Fakespot’s turn to take the blame, but we won’t allow Amazon to discredit us and our company.”

Regarding Apple’s decision to remove Fakespot from the App Store, the development team suggests a softer tone. Despite the disappointment, you realize that Apple was put in a difficult position and decided not to fight Amazon’s attorney. However, Fakespot still sees himself on the right side and points out that the App Store is not a democratic place and Apple is not a neutral arbiter of facts and law. You are a fighter and you think you will quickly return to the App Store. to Android devices And the internet browser Fakespot is still available.

For Apple, this issue is likely to be another uncomfortable arena in terms of discussions around neutrality in the App Store. In the past, many large development studios, including Epic Games and Spotify, have decried Apple’s behavior in relation to the App Store Guidelines.