November 27, 2021


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Facebook (company) may soon change its name

Facebook (company) may soon change its name

A new era with a new name for Facebook? According to Featured Site The Margin, California Company, which passes A turbulent period, Next week to announce the creation of a new parent company that will oversee its various services (social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc.).

Ambition? Look to the future, especially “multiverses”, this connected universe mixes virtual and augmented realities, which Mark Zuckerberg sees as the future of the web. But its opponents see it as a very subtle hand to move away from a name that is toxic after repeated controversies.

According to The Verge, the new name is expected to be unveiled at the Connect conference on Thursday, October 28th. It is guarded by jealousy within the administration, and it is also associated with multiverses Harrison, A virtual social site created by Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t do this in the first place. In 2015, Google developed the Alphabet Framework (based on Google, Wemo, Deepmind, Verily, etc.). But the name never caught on to the general public. Snapshot renamed it Snap in 2016.

“Change object”

“Facebook thinks changing its name will help change the matter,” the anti-Facebook association paradoxically calls itself, “the real Facebook oversight board.” “The distraction from failing to clean up hate sites is a sign that they are ready to do anything. Whatever they call themselves, the problem remains unresolved. (…) They need real and independent control, immediately,” the association continues.

Benedict Evans, an independent researcher who specializes in Silicon Valley, said, “If you give a product a new name that no longer works, people will quickly realize that the new brand has the same problems.” “The best approach is to solve the problem and then create a new brand that reflects the new product,” he continued.

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Company, it continues Corruption for many years, France goes through a particularly difficult pass after the gen gen, Former Whistleblower employee, Internal press documents were leaked and accused of crossing the stage “Profit before security” Its users. Rarely do elected Republicans and Democrats seem to have agreed to try to regulate the company. A name change does not change it.