September 24, 2021


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Expresso platform: big games | Koeman and Benfica: “It’s a great club. Historically one of the most famous and strongest, it’s a pleasure to compete with them”

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman included Benfica among the candidates to win Group F in the Champions League, along with the Spanish logo and Bayern Munich.

“Bayern Munich is a team that should aspire to win the Champions League. They have a great team and great players. It is an experienced team, and for sure it will be a battle with us, Benfica and Bayern to qualify to be the first in the group,” said the coach, who led the Reds in 2005/06. .

About F group Yes Champions It also depends on Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv, making it a “strong” group, according to the Dutch coach.

Tony Bruins Slot (Vice) and Ronald Koeman, at Benfica, in February 2006

Cliff Brunskill

“For me, a lottery ChampionsIt was a good balance. It is a powerful group. There are also other powerful groups. In our squad we talk about the big teams, especially Bayern Munich, but also about Benfica. Koeman stressed, quoting the Catalan club, that they are two clubs with many names and history.

The Dutchman considered the team led by Jorge Jesus a “strong and aggressive” team, given the clashes between Benfica and PSV Eindhoven, from qualifiers.

“The beauty of this draw is that it is a club with which I worked as a coach for a year. It is a big club. Historically one of the most famous and strongest, it is a pleasure to compete with them”,

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