September 24, 2021


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Expresso platform: big games | Jorge Jesus: “The team has improved with Joao Mario. He knows the rhythms of the game, he knows how to organize the game when he needs it, he knows how to take risks “

joao mario effect

“Now, Benfica is a team with better defensive and offensive ideas, better mechanics, which benefited from the entry of Joao Mario, a player with characteristics that we did not have, a player who knows the rhythms of the game, who knows how to organize the game. I play when he needs to, who knows how to take risks … That gave stability to the team, who improved defensively because they know themselves better.”

Three Key System – Weigel

“Triangular central system favors Julian a bit [Weigl] All this contributed to the improvement of the individual and collective team.”

Vertonghen injury

“Vertongen was injured. Morato entered and the team continued to play with the same system. Tomorrow Morato will also enter. This is not where the system will have to be changed.

Vertonghen’s injury makes us think a bit. Normally we have five central players and at the moment we have four because we have Ferro injured, with an injury it will take some time, but we have a couple of days to think about it and see what is best for Benfica. And see how seriously virtongen is injured too.”

Without stopping, the coach also noted that the triple defense system that Benfica has used in the last three games “favors Julian a little”. [Weigl]And that this, too, “contributed to the individual and collective improvement of the team,” but he did not reveal whether he would abandon this system due to the unavailability of Vertonghen, who was injured against Spartak Moscow.

Aruka, the next opponent

“It’s a well-organised team, quick on the counterattack, strong on set-ball and they have some moments of the game that we have to pay attention to, otherwise they might surprise us. But it’s also true that Arroca has to worry a lot. Benfica, and that doesn’t stop us from looking at our opponent.” humbly and respectfully.”

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The new striker, Yarmashuk

“He just arrived and was out of training, because he was on vacation after the European Championships. He’s looking for his place and his time. There are no special games, there are real games like Champions And the championship and this is where he will have to do the preparatory season.

It might be at first, you can go in, but that’s where we’ll have to launch it, and since you’re not in great shape yet, you’ll have to find your space, your physical condition and your knowledge of the team. Against Aruka, let’s take the opportunity to release him.”