September 24, 2021


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Expresso Platform: Big Games | Jorge Jesus: “It’s an idea we should all have: it’s very important to have the ability to score goals”

A decisive match to reach the Champions League group stage

“What we expect is that we will have a difficult match. The first match is over, we have already won it, but we know we will find an opponent with a lot of talent and good players. They are two teams in the group stage, no hem, but one of them will be excluded. We are going to the game with a victory in the first leg, but we know that we will have many periods in which the opponent will have us chasing the ball, because it is a formation with a very strong positioning quality.

We did not have time to prepare the team for the match, but to correct the team’s flaws in the first match, nothing more, and everything in theory, nothing in practice. But we are going with the idea of ​​winning and that also allows us to face the match with more confidence.”

On whether the Odysseas will continue to make headlines

“He’s been playing all these games, well, so only if something happens to him until tomorrow [terça-feira] He will not enter the game.”

The importance of the game in Benfica’s time

“We are all aware of the importance of the match from a sporting and financial point of view. But it is not only now, it is also later. If Benfica wins this match and enters the group stage, we will have the same financial level. And sporting responsibility. Several times, we will face a high-quality opponent, an opponent.” A good coach, with moments of the match that only great teams know, like them. To match with the idea of ​​scoring and that is very important. We are a team that has to score.”

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The physical condition of the team after a series of multiple matches

“We played on Saturday and on Monday, so we only had two days of functional and physiological recovery, there was no time to recover so we could do anything in terms of strategy and pre-match before facing PSV.

It was more reliant on passing on a theoretical message, a spoken message, regarding what our first game was and trying to make sure the players leaving for tomorrow’s challenge could be recovered. Some of them played 90 minutes at Barcelos and my first problem is that, to understand how long those players who played 90 minutes at Barcelos can stay in the team or if I have to change.”

Vertonghen is back. Will Morato still be the initiator?

“It is true that Vertonghen’s experience is wisdom, a much deeper knowledge of the game than Morato has, but it is also true that Morato, as a young man, did very well against PSV. Morato is not used to playing so many matches in this few hours. But I I’m still not sure about Vertonghen’s performance, I still have to talk to him. So from my experience and contacts with some players, I’ll decide.”

PSV is strong in attack. Do Benfica have to score to pass the ball?

“It is important that I score. My thoughts and the thoughts of the players are the feeling that we have to score a goal, because we are going to play against an opponent who can also score at any moment. In addition to tactics, this idea that we all need: tomorrow it is very important to be able to score goals” .

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Long-range goals no longer count in the event of a tie

“I don’t want to give an opinion on that, because there are good and bad parts if a goal counts, in a draw, or not counts in a draw. At the moment, I think everything coaches who play in these competitions have to think about winning, no matter what. Regardless of canceling out the fact that there is a goal away can help you pass a tie and therefore I think it will be more beneficial for those who have to not make a decision. To be afraid of goals conceded, but have to work to score a goal. It is not a concern Very much because you concede a goal, but more interest in working with the team to score goals in order to win the second game.”