September 16, 2021


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Expresso platform: big games | In a tattered game, Famalicão’s children were bold and Adán was once again a giant

It is often said that football reflects what happens in society and this is often true. Stories are not always black and white, as in life, there are a lot of grays, and reality does not always tell the whole truth. Proof of this is the performance of Famalicão tonight, a team without points. This is the classification lies.

Another lie is that the ball burns at the feet of football players who have been beaten by defeats. The ball, having moved at the feet of Ivan Jaime, Evo Rodriguez and Marcos Paulo (on loan from Atletico Madrid), would sing like a nightingale if it could. Pêpê also helps the party.

Football, like life, is full of the inevitable. In 56 minutes, still with 0-0 on the scoreboard, Ruben Amorim engaged Pedro Borro and Nuno Santos. Two minutes later, the two made up a play that ended with a jolt of Louise Jr.’s goal. It seems inevitable that Amorim has a penchant for this thing.

Hugo Delgado

Another inevitable thing is the way he was communicating before the match, leaving a warning about Evo Vieira. “[O Famalicão] They have a very good coach, very offensive, very positive, who also needs time to present his idea to the players. At the moment, he doesn’t have any points, but he will play for Sporting, and that takes a lot of responsibility, so in my opinion there will be no better match for this Famalicao team. The coach warned of his excellent talents.

And it was.

It was a torn game. For those who aren’t too busy analyzing positions, defensive lines, what wasn’t and what should have been, this was a great match. He had it all. A positive start for Sporting put Yovani Cabral very close to goal in the first minutes. Then it was noticed how Famalicão was closing in the middle, nullifying Matheus Nunes and Palhinha. Sebastian Coates was exaggerating the long ball, which rarely landed on any part of any teammate’s body. As we’ve seen and reviewed before, Paulinho was coming down to run, but the team’s game was off. Nuno Mendes was shoving left, picking up shocks that betray it all: he’s an elite player.

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Then Evo Vieira’s team began to relax. Ivan Jaime, the 20-year-old Spaniard, is special and every time he touched the ball, he made sure others noticed it. Evo Rodriguez grew up and appeared twice up against Antonio Adan, a giant who by any day would be promoted to sainthood. The Spanish goalkeeper was, for Sport TV, the man of the match. It means a lot about this Famalicão fair.

The game summary is simple. Sporting, wearing Borussia Dortmund, was close to goal and then the hosts rose in performance, gained courage and began to conquer the opposing midfield, with quick and well-designed attacks. It’s always been a game for the brave, ripped off, ha-ha-ha, probably too laden with yellow cards in the first few minutes. It was opening up, like a game to be eliminated, and gaining interest, for those moved by chaos, with the coming and going of moves and opportunities.

Famalicão’s first record at 68′. Jaime grabbed the ball, brilliantly someone born to play football, eliminated two opponents, dribbled them, and removed Evo Rodriguez, who appeared for the third time in Adan’s face. The Spaniard’s pass, as often happens with magicians, was lucky and miraculously veered off Fedal’s boot, opening glory in the face of Evo Rodriguez, who overcame Adan and saw Nuno Mendes and Gonzalo Inacio while helpless. Avoid aiming at their own target.

Daniel Bragança came in soon after to replace Mateos Nunes and the ball started to spin better. Thiago Thomas entered via Zuhair Fadal, a substitution that did not break up the line of three, as Nuno Mendes took over the center-left position and Nuno Santos started doing the entire lane.

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Sporting has not, after all, improved much. But the goal came, via João Palhinha, after a free kick. The ball fell to the far post and the midfielder pushed his left hand.

Sporting’s chances doubled, and the most dangerous of them came out of the head of Paulinho, who is going through a difficult moment for a striker: lack of confidence or just a mistake. Pedro Gonçalves was also trying to show some dissatisfaction.

Adan again denied the home team’s goal, and by this time, Louise Jr. had already joined that song. Goalkeepers scored and prevented more goals tonight.

As Robin Amorim recalls, at the launch of the game, Sporting had not beaten this Famalicão since moving to the Premier League (two draws and one defeat, according to playmaker Zerozero). Minho club adds the first point in the championship.

Pulling the bar back, considering that the Famalicenses have been out of this roam for so long, Sporting hasn’t won in the field since the 1992/1993 season. It happened with Bobby Robson and goals Valcks and Shcherbakov. Muhtarski scored the goal for Jose Romao.