September 24, 2021


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Expresso Platform: Big Games | 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze: Tokyo 2020 is indeed the best Portuguese participation ever in the Olympic Games

Pedro Piccardo’s gold in the triple jump, which also gave the silver to Patricia Mamona, and the bronzes from judoka Jorge Fonseca and boater Fernando Pimenta at Tokyo 2020 gave Portugal their best-ever result at the Olympics.

The record beats Los Angeles 1984 crowned Carlos Lopez with bronze medals for Rosa Motta and Antonio Letao, and Atenas 2004 with two silvers (Sergio Paulinho and Francis Upicuelo) and one bronze (Rui Silva), the first in Portugal to reach the four podiums in one edition.

Portugal’s best cash at the Games was achieved precisely with this fifth national gold medal, now reached by three times, after Carlos Lopez (1984), Rosa Motta (1988), Fernanda Ribeiro (1996) and Nelson Evora (2008), who They shot curiously at this. a test.

In the Japanese capital, Jorge Fonseca was first on the podium, taking third medal in judo, followed by Patricia Mamona, with silver in the 15.01m jump, a new national record, followed by canoe driver Fernando Pimenta, over the K1 1000m. , by awarding him a bronze and placing him in the restricted group of Portuguese “multiple medalists”.

Now, the triple jump athlete, who broke the national record in the third test, came to 17.98 metres, a result more than enough to dominate the rest of the finalists, who never really came close to fighting for the gold medal.

Athens 2004 had three medals, the second and last “triple” of the Portuguese delegation so far.

Sergio Paulinho stunned the cycling world with a silver medal in the long-distance race, while Francis Obicuelo established himself as one of the fastest men ever in the 100 metres, with a silver torn by the “iron”, and the nation could still “suffer” with Rui Silva reaching bronze in the 1500 metres.

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Los Angeles 1984 brought the first gold medal in national history at the Games, in the marathon victorious by Carlos Lopez, with Antonio Letao, in the 5000 meters, and Rosa Motta, in the marathon, taking bronze, the only time three metals were achieved. ‘.

Carlos Lopez, who took a silver in the 10,000m at Montreal 1976, won the first five gold medals in Portuguese history in the North American city.

The Portuguese marathon runner, who was injured in Moscow in 1980, became the first national Olympic champion with a game record of 2:09.21 hours, which Kenyan Sami Wanjiru only defeated in Beijing 2008.

Moreover, this result in Tokyo 2020 allows the Portuguese mission to go beyond what has been contracted with the government, at least with regard to the platform, as only two platforms have been identified.