August 7, 2022


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Experiences in Dubai: Do electric shocks cause rain?

BerlinThe United Arab Emirates wants to generate rain with the help of electric shocks. like picture Reports, the drones are supposed to fly in the clouds and launch the operation. The state is already working with cloud seeding processes, through which special agents are distributed in the air, condensing clouds or acting as ice cores.

The area in the UAE will be electrically charged with the help of drones. On the basis of computer models, the scientists also, according to Bild, examined whether “electrical charges can alter the composition of rain in clouds.”

Could cloud seeding and electric shocks also have negative consequences?

The UK has already experimented with drones. Professor Martin H.P. Ambaum from the University of Reading in Great Britain explains that “whether the drone can actually deliver a shipment in the area” has been tested. Evaluation of the results is still pending.

These drones have been stationed in the United Arab Emirates, but have not yet been used. In addition, measurements were made to check the state of the electrical environment in the country. Whether the impact of weather shocks or cloud seeding technology could also have negative consequences remains unanswered in the report.

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