September 24, 2021


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Exit Games: Skillz invests in gaming technology companies in Hamburg

Skillz participates in Exit Games (Figure: Exit Games)

Hamburg Photon Engine Makers Get Millions Investment From USA: Skillz participates in Exit Games.

Ubisoft, Sandbox Interactive, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and thousands of other small and large studios use the Image Engine for their games: behind this technology it is possible to create simultaneous multiplayer games and play them in real time – on your PC, console or smartphone.

Product developed by Exit Games in Hamburg: Now, the American company Skillz has invested $50 million (about 42 million euros) in the company that was founded in 2004, and has taken a minority stake.

SKILLS is listed on the NASDAQ Technology Exchange and plans for 2021 with a turnover of more than $375 million. The main product is the platform of the same name, which enables esports matches and tournaments.

“We are huge fans of Skillz and the way the company is driving innovation in competitive gaming.”, who is excited about Exit Games founder and chief technology officer Christoph Wegmann. “This investment is a natural fit. We are pleased to have Skillz as a long-term partner enabling our developers and their game enthusiasts around the world to play simultaneously.”

Accompanying the deal was the management consultancy and investment bank GB Bullhound: “Exit Games’ management has made the company one of the best cross-platform real-time multiplayer in the world.”ien and cloud services will be “Julian Redbauer, who runs the German GP Bullhound branch, explains. “We are pleased to advise the company in selecting Skillz as a strategic partner and look forward to keeping pace with the company’s further growth.”

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