October 24, 2021


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Exclusive interview | Nicholas Julia (co-founder of Sorare): “Our vision is to build a world champion in sports entertainment”

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French Tech | 580 million euros is the record amount raised by a French start-up and it is very rare, the company founded by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, which ranks first among French unicorns. Exclusively, Forbes invites you to one of the first interviews with one of the co-founders.

Concept very rare It is an electronic card collection game for football players. Users can buy football players cards, line up and play with teams, as well as invest and resell them according to their rarity. To ensure the validity of each card, it must be start I decided to use the blockchain Ethereum. then talk about NFT (Not fungi Code) or tokens Not transferable.

We met Nicolas Julia, co-founder of Unicorn very rare.

often specified very rare Like a “fantasy football” game, can you explain the concept and how Sorare works?

Nicolas Julia: We have created very rare To allow football fans to intensely live their passion. Every day, they will use their skills to select 5 players from their digital card portfolio who will do the best in stadiums around the world.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a startup that combines football and technology?

New Jersey: With my partner, Adrien, we quickly became convinced that the specifics of the technology’ NFT ’, just like digital scarcity or the issue of tracking, would lead to a technological change that would have the same impact on our lives as the arrival of the Internet or the smartphone. The NFT It will reinvent certain industries and change the way we possess digital goods.

We started from the idea that man likes to collect it and that NFT Offers new web applications. And since we’re football fans, we’ve also thought about how to connect our passion for this technology, before creating value for immediate use, beyond the single collection.

Nicolas Julia: For us, technology is not an end in itself, but a means to provide a new experience. For partner leagues and clubs, this is a new international vision and a new source of income

very rare Is a company that became profitable very soon after its launch, how strong is your business? (move Cards / Rarity / Probability resale)

New Jersey: So we took the best new technology (NFT and blockchain), to create a simple and accessible game. For us, technology is not an end in itself, but a means to provide a new experience. to me periodicals And partner clubs, it’s a new international vision and a new source of income.

Your second, fundraising, you hit a record, what are the new challenges for S.courier ?

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New Jersey: Our vision is to build a world champion for NSentertainment Athlete. The funds raised will enable us to accelerate our development around four axes. First of all, the signing of exclusive partnerships with the major football leagues in the world, and openness to other sports. Then recruit the best talent from around the world. Then at the same time, improve the game, especially by creating a mobile app in addition to our first app Marketing campaigns. Finally, it has an effect through several levers: By investing in the community it was built around very rare (Cards being NFT, can be used in other games and in other ecosystems); by encouraging exercise; By helping entrepreneurs from poor backgrounds and encouraging representation of women in sports, especially women’s football.

Do you think the cards very rare Would you have the same success among the youth as the Panini Cards of their time?

New Jersey: We even hope to go beyond that! Because once you get your cards, their attributes NFT They allow you to keep them during the different seasons, or even use them in other games. Thus, the value of using cards is much higher and allows you to live intensely your love for football and other sports that we want to launch in the future.

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