November 29, 2022


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Exclusive???? Helen Fisher “Intoxication” A???? honest review!

Helen Fisher: Only a few hours left on the album

There are only a few hours left until Helen’s new album is released. A few hours ago, the third single on the album, “Rausch”, appeared with the song “Zero to One Hundred”. Exciting: Tim Peters can now become a songwriter Helen Fisher The name, but perhaps with reference to the text. The song appears to be a cover title, so it was mentioned in the live stream. (By the way, “Hand in Hand” isn’t Helen’s original production either.) – The song’s press release is short and sweet: Â

Product information

The third single, “Null auf 100”, was released in time for the album. Is a cheerful song, like a fiery pop dance games! Helen Fisher sings about that unifying feeling of starting together in this moment, experiencing adventures and celebrating life in all colors, shapes, and places 100%, no matter if it’s love, friendship or family.


Armin van Buuren,

Pino de Joy,

John Eubank,

Helen Fisher,

Tim Peters,


Robin Heaves

Vincent Stein,

Konstantin Scherer


Ford Music / Universal / MCA Music Holland / Universal / MCA Music Publishing GmbH / Copyright Control / Chartlight Musikverlag / OMS Music Publishing / Nur Liebe Edition / Djorkaeff Beatzarre Edition / Budde Music / Fisherman Songs / Sony Music Publishing / Konstantin Scherer Musikverlag

cover, cover

Thanks to Mario K, Schlagerprofis reader, who now explains the original song: “It’s a cover! The original is from 2019 and it’s by Marco Borsato, Armin van Buuren and Davina Michel and it’s called “Hoe Het Danst” – see Here.

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