December 1, 2022


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Exciting store concepts thanks to innovative in-store technology

And that’s how RetailCX works: the core is KNAPP’s fully automated store technology – it’s Warehouse and distribution point at the same time. The machines reduce required storage space by up to 70% and relieve the sales team from time-consuming, routine activities. Thanks to the integrated documentation, they also always provide an updated overview of the inventory.

when Connecting Goods are automatically registered using barcode scanning and then placed on a conveyor belt that leads to the machine. The system takes care of the rest in a fraction of the time it would take manually. A robotic arm grabs the boxes and places them inside to optimize space.

Up to 80,000 items can be stored in a file scalable machines for storage. This also includes cylindrical products such as cans or delicate packaging such as bottles or sachets. Special containers are available for them. Products that require refrigeration are stored in designated areas. Thus RetailCX can accommodate a variety of product groups – groceries, drugstore products, footwear, jewelry, watches and accessories.

The machines are equipped with one or more distribution booths, an internet interface and interactive screens that can be used by employees or serve as a self-service station for customers.

RetailCX can also be installed off-premises in a place accessible to the public, Kors defines: “The machines are anti-theft.” Installation outside the business premises It enables, for example, the installation of 24/7 shopping boxes at suitable work sites. Alternatively, machines can act as release points for your web store; The order is then made via the app and issued via Click & Collect.

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