November 27, 2022


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Evija Fittipaldi inspired by Lotus 72 ... SOLD OUT OF 8 UNITS |  Top Gear Japan Top Gear JAPAN

Evija Fittipaldi inspired by Lotus 72 … SOLD OUT OF 8 UNITS | Top Gear Japan Top Gear JAPAN

I mean, Lotus wants to take advantage of what many consider to be the best Formula 1 machine, a 2,000-plus horsepower electric supercar… Sorry, I wanted to celebrate… I didn’t mean to. is not it? it’s not like that.

Late last year, Lotus unveiled the (very handsome) Evija Fittipaldi, after Radford’s Type 62-2 collaboration with Jenson Button. Inspired by the Brazilian F1 champion Lotus 72 (1972) who led him to two title wins. This started in earnest in Septemberto forbidThis is due to

Half a century has passed since then, and only eight of this revolutionary machine developed by Colin Chapman remain. They have all been sold. Sorry Sorry.

Still, it’s worth a look, isn’t it? The exterior decals, pedals, interior and hand-stitched Emerson signature on the dashboard are all in black and gold. Who knew he was a needlewoman?

Meanwhile, the center console’s turntable is made from recycled aluminum from one of the 72 still in existence. good feeling.

“It is a great honor to return to Heathel on such a special occasion,” Fittipaldi said in the presentation. “I really enjoyed being a part of this project and it was a great experience to show this car to its new owner. Evija Fittipaldi and my hero type 72 F1 car at the Hethel test circuit. It was a great opportunity to get the chance to drive both.”

Of course, there is no need to remember Evijah’s impressive performance numbers. Four electric motors produce 1,500 kW (more than 2,000 hp) and 1,700 Nm, making it the most powerful production car on the planet. 0-100 km/h 3 seconds or less, 0-300 km/h 9 seconds or less, and a top speed of 349 km/h.

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The 93 kWh battery gives you a range of 402 km, but that range definitely gets shorter every time the throttle is pushed to the floor.

[ترجمة يابانية]Lotus Evaiya: Hyper EV prototype tested on circuit

Test drove the 2009 F1 Champion Fittipaldi button. He says, “It looks like a jet engine!” “Electric cars have a quiet picture, but that’s not the case. Torque is an astronomical number. It’s like a spaceship.”

“The drivability and direction of the steering make you feel like you’re driving a Lotus and the agility is amazing. This is the Lotus of the future and I can’t wait to drive the Evija.”

Is it worth looking for a site to sell old used cars someday? last year,When TG took the prototype for a test driveI want you to remember… At the time, it was a prototype and it was a short 400 hp. Oh.

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= reaction outside =
“Oh yeah, please. Actually, I want two. Also, gold-colored paper for driving on a circuit.”
“The iconic lotus paint will continue to shine forever.”
“It’s not a production car yet, so it’s not the most powerful production car. As far as we know, it’s nowhere near universal homologation, and making a limited edition version of a non-existent car is impolite to say the least.”
↑ “I don’t have to worry about this stuff, but I know it will be much lighter than a Rimac or Pininfarina pig in terms of weight🐷🐖”
↑ “I’d like to see a comparison of these full BEV supercars (Evijah, Pininfarina, Nevarra)! I’d like to see those fat pigs running alongside”
“I love it, but does it come with optional Fittipaldi sideburns?”
“It was made with incredible taste! It’s not like you’re using a lot of gold. At least in my eyes, it looks like the coolest Evija specification ever.”

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