June 14, 2024


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Evercade Alpha brings the arcade feel home – SHOCK2

Evercade Alpha brings the arcade feel home – SHOCK2

With the Evercade Alpha, Blaze introduced the bartop with a unit compartment for the first time. The 41cm high, 31.6cm deep and 24.4cm wide chassis includes an 8-inch (20cm) 4:3 IPS display, stereo speakers, a headphone jack for audio playback, a joystick as well as six control buttons. With two USB ports, you can also play with two people using additional purchaseable controllers, and third-party controllers are also supported. The power supply is regulated via the USB-C socket. Updates can be downloaded through an existing WiFi connection.

The popular Evercade modules for VS and EXP systems are also tabletop compatible, having two module slots like a home console. This means that over 500 games on over 50 cartridges are available from the start.

The bartop will appear in two versions, and in addition to the different design, it can also be seen in the six pre-installed Capcom games.

the Evercade Alpha Street Fighter Bartop Arcade It includes:

Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1992)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1992)
Street Fighter II Turbo Puzzle (1996)
Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors' Dreams (1995)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)

For this Evercade Alpha Megaman Party Arcade The following titles are announced:

Mega Man – Battle of Power (1995/Arcade)
Mega Man 2 – Powerful Fighters (1996/Arcade)
Carrier air wing (1990/arcade/vertical shmup)
The final battle (1989/Arcade/Fazwa)
Round Knights (1991/Arcade/Beat Them)
Strider (1989/Arcade/Fazwa)

In addition, the tabletop comes with three interchangeable surfaces, which are designed to be highlighted by backlighting and can be easily changed. The Standard Edition will cost €229.99 in pre-order from June 4, 2024, instead of €249.99.

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in Funstock will also have an exclusive release Both types are equipped directly with SANWA joysticks and buttons. There are also five more marquees, an exclusive Alpha sticker, and an Evercade Alpha console. This package costs €289.99.