October 24, 2021


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European Union sues Apple for antitrust over NFC chip technology

It appears that the European Union wants to confront Apple with an antitrust lawsuit. Like “Reuters” in reference to the persons in charge mentionedIt is related to the NFC chip technology that Apple uses in its smartphones. As early as June last year, it became known that the EU Commission wanted to investigate the extent to which Apple violated competition rules by restricting the NFC interface on its payment platform Apple Pay. This means that other payment service providers will be excluded from contactless transactions on the iPhone (“Swiss IT Reseller” reported).

As the sources explained to “Reuters”, the European Commission was said to have narrowed its focus to the NFC chip, which can only be accessed through Apple Pay. The next step should be for EU competition watchdogs to confront Apple with the allegations contained in a document. This could be handed over to Apple within the next year. If the Cupertino company is found guilty of this, it could result in a heavy fine. In addition, Apple may have to open the mobile payment system to competitors.

The EU Commission did not want to comment on the report on possible actions against Apple in relation to Reuters. (Loss)

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